Seeking individuals interested in creating web material for our new website!

We are looking for an enthusiastic group of individuals interested in sharing their experiences of Japan  to an international audience.

Do you have any shocking, humorous or heartwarming stories about Japan that you would like to share?

We are in the process of launching an online platform where anyone with a connection to Japan can freely voice their opinions and stories.  

The work will be carried out in a Japanese/English environment. However, Japanese speaking/writing skills are not necessary.

Job summary

We’re a Japan-based team of individuals from all disciplines such as web and theatre authors desiring to deliver content related to Japan from a myriad of perspectives, both international and domestic. We felt that media related to Japan rarely conveys genuine experiences of those who have visited/lived in Japan. We hope to globalize your unique viewpoints and provide an informative medium overseas.  

What is your role?
・Writing light-hearted articles for our website which is currently in the midst of being launched

・We will discuss what kind of articles are likely to be effective with the editorial department, and then write articles once a week

・Currently living or studying in Japan
・Proficient written and communication skills of content appeal
・Possess creative approach when writing articles
・Self-motivated individuals who can work autonomously and according to schedule
・Smooth and enthusiastic discussion skills 

Preferred skills
・Experience in written content creation

Language requirements
・English: Native-level
・Japanese: Conversation-level (preferred but not necessary)
・Native language (other than English): Optional(we might want you to write articles in your native language!)

Content examples
・Interesting discoveries of Japan 
・Things I found disappointing when I visited Japan 
・My experience as an international/exchange student in Japan
・Uniquely Japanese aspects not found in my home country

Work Process


Discuss and brainstorm with the editorial department on potential article ideas you would like to write. 


After confirming your ideas, you will start writing articles on a weekly basis. 


After completing the draft, contact the editorial department to revise and edit your publication.


Once the article has been written, submit to the editorial department and finalise the content.


The editorial department will upload the article to the website!

(We would prefer articles to be written on a weekly basis. However, this is just a rough guideline and negotiations can be made on article deadlines)

Future Opportunities

・ If you like this job, We would be happy if not only you can write articles but also media management and business development in the future.

 Application Details

・ Eligibility: Currently living in Japan and/or studying in a university/vocational school.

・Article compensation: 1000 yen ~/article *consultation required.

・Schedule: Create articles once a week. *rough guideline (negotiable).

・Duration: 1 month

・Work style: Remote

・Conditions: Native english, conversational Japanese preferable 

・Other: We welcome people from all nationalities, any year university students and no experience is needed.

・Selection process:
Create and submit application (Please fill in all required information in the form below).Online video interview
Click here to apply for hiring and contact us