Three High Intern

Why do not you plan marketing and product strategy for overseas development of industrial heaters packed with Japanese manufacturing?

ThreeHigh Co., Ltd manufactures heaters that can be used anywhere and for any purpose. Its applications are diverse and are used in rails, adhesives, security cameras, etc. to prevent freezing.

ThreeHigh Co., Ltd is currently trying to expand overseas based on the technology cultivated in Japan.

At this stage, We are researching what products and marketing are needed while having contact with various countries.

Therefore, we would like to accept international students from various countries. What do you need to sell Three High's technology in your home country? We would like to research and make recommendations.

Work will be carried out in a mixture of English and Japanese.

Job summary

Propose marketing plan for your country

・Study the market in your home country while understanding the technology of Three High.

・After that, you will formulate and propose product marketing strategies necessary for selling in your home country

Steps of work


Have them work for one month, twice a week, to gain an understanding of the technology.

※ In the meantime, we will provide the following training
  Input about the application scene of Three High technology
  Planning method of branding strategy / marketing strategy


Market Research-Planning of Product Marketing Strategy

※ Hearing about the situation in your home country, researching and collecting fact data

※After that, you will create a hypothesis of marketing strategy while discussing with the technical department of Three High.

※Finally, share marketing strategy with all employees

 Especially acquired skills

・ Product development
・ Plan marketing and branding strategies

 Future outlook

・ If the strategy is in line with the direction of the company, we are happy to work together to implement it.

・ If you have a mind that can be a partner in the future, such as opening a local subsidiary in your home country, it is welcome!

 Application Guidelines

・ Eligible persons: International students studying at Japanese universities and vocational schools

・ Hourly wage: 1,050 yen 
※Transportation expenses are also included separately.

・ Weekdays 2 days a week or more 
  4 to 7 hours per day
  Working hours 10:00 〜 17:00
※We will respond flexibly according to the class schedule.
※Free clothing and hairstyle
※8: 30-17: 15 free shift, almost no overtime

・Work location
Nearest station Higashiyamada Station (16 minute walk)

〒224-0023  4-42-16 Higashiyamada, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

・Training and education system
When understanding Three High's technology, you can receive input from OJT from senior employees while engaging in work
In addition, training on product marketing strategies is scheduled separately.

・ Period: about 2 months~ (negotiable)

・ Application conditions
  ・ Speaking English, a little Japanese
  ・ Those who are considering doing business in your home country in the future
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Company name ThreeHigh Co., Ltd
〒224-0023  4-42-16 Higashiyamada, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
〒224-0023  4-42-16 Higashiyamada, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa