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Films Directed by Fumiko Irie (Three in total) 

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Connect the world through movies

〜Arigato Moviement〜

Fumiko Irie has been directing many heartfelt films filled with important messages.

With a lot going on in the world right now in this day and age, members that wanted to help greaten the amount of happiness, caring and hope in the world have founded this project. 

The project has just started in January of 2021, we are looking forward to what is yet to come. 

* "Arigato (word of appreciation)" + Movie + Movement = Arigato Moviement 

We will release all three films directed by Fumiko Irie
through a
 gift share  !

What is gift share?.....Activities to help share talent and creative ideas with the world

Why we want to spread
this movement :

All around the world, how we live our lives have changed a lot recently. 

No matter what we face, we thought the most important message was that

"Everything will be alright" 

and that

"Each person is wonderful, just the way he/she is."

We hope these films can help to realize the important things in life. And please, if you like the films, share with family, friends & people around you! 


Let everyone know!

Gift share will be an exclusive release for 4 days,  2/11〜2/14.

To further spread these films, we would be grateful if you can share this gift share on social media with the hashtags and link to the project! 

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**Gift Share Release starting at 0:00 Feb 11th, 2021  (Tokyo, GMT+9)

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All three films "The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter” “The Miracle of the Colored Light” and "A Great Blessing" directed by Fumiko Irie will be released exclusively from 2/11 - 2/14 as a gift share! 



Watch the films!

"The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter -Life’s Truth Revealed-" (2007)100mins

〜 You are fine just the way you are 〜

Why are people imperfect? 

A documentary film centered on Matsumoto Yamamoto, a teacher at a special-needs school, unfolding the true importance of life. 

A debut film for Fumiko Irie. 

First released in 2007, it has spread across 18 different countries around the world. 

🔴 Trailer for "The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter”

The Miracle of the Colored Light (2008)86mins

**Screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival**

Second released film directed by Fumiko Irie. Noriko Terada, a color therapist, and Shisui Teshigawara, a healing artist, were working hard in hopes of bringing joy to many people’s lives. 

Suddenly, Noriko loses her right eye from a disease, and receives a life expectancy sentence. A film focusing on the true meaning of life, despite how fragile it can be, and how these two managed to get through and live a fulfilling life. 

🔴 Trailer for "The Miracle of the Colored Light"

"A Great Blessing" (2011)95mins

〜 What it means to overcome yourself 〜
**Screened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, on the International Day of People with Disability in December of 2012**

A film about a devastated boy who lost both of his hands due to an accident, meeting Junkyo Oishi, who had also lost both hands. He would eventually find his way because of Junyo’s saying “Even if I could be born again, I would still want to be myself without both my hands” 

Fumiko Irie’s third released film. 

🔴 Trailer for "A Great Blessing" 


Let’s all connect through films!

We would like to organize gatherings and online events with the people who connected through this project. 

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Message from Fumiko Irie 

Since I first started making films in 2006, as the films started to spread in to the world, I have been able to go through many great experiences. 

What felt the most amazing was the fact that people who resonated with my work  wanted to help so the films can reach more and more people. 

The chain reaction of the message being passed on from one person to another, feels so genuine and wonderful. 

Because of these films I was able to witness the beauty of how people connect through resonating with each other’s ideas and inspiring one another. 

In 2021, I think the whole world is sharing the same theme. One of them being how people are getting separated, both physically and mentally. 

It is hard to know what really is the truth, and I started to feel there are a lot of people who feel the same uncertainty. It may be hard to listen to even our own thoughts and voices inside. 

If any of these films or projects can help even one person,regain hope and make new connections with people who resonate with the same message, I am truly grateful.

For my first film that was released in 2007, the release date was in February 11th. 

So I decided to put all three of my films out there for everyone to see as a gift share (for free) , as an exclusive release for 4 days starting from February 11th, 2021. 

This project that the people around me help build together, is also my dream. 

It would be a pleasure for you to watch these films and share it with the special people in your life. 

With all the love, 

Fumiko Irie


Movie Director, Judge at the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF)/ CEO of Total Praise Inc.

As a director, Fumiko Irie directed three films "The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter”, “The Miracle of the Colored Light” and "A Great Blessing". 

Also she has been involved with making other heart-warming, touching films such as "SWITCH" (Directed by Naoki Suzuki), "The Universal Principle" "Making the Happiest Enployees in Japan" (Directed by Yasuko Iwasaki), 「LIFE TREASURE」「LIFE TREASURE 2」(Directed by Masao Oizumi). 

In 2016, Fumiko has served as a judge at the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF) by the “Peace Maker Group” (United Nations NGO Peace Group).

Since 2009, Fumiko started seminars and workshops holding 1000 audiences to speak about “Hesodo” a way of fulfilling your life with joy. In 2021 she decided to lose the name “Hesodo” and further broaden her activities.

She has released her own books “The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter, Life’s Truth” on Sangokan Publication and has also collaborated with A children’s book author Nobumi on a picture book “Oheso No Saki” and “Giving Creates More?” on Shichida Education Publication. In 2014 she released her second book “Hesodo~ Taking a Look Into the Universe~ Finding a Mission” also on Sunmark Publication.

Fumiko Irie Official Website: https://iriefumiko.com/english/

- Online one year school “The Celebration” 
- Online Salon “Open Campus by Fumiko Irie” 
- Online Studio “Cool Adults Studio”

Reference site

- Peacemaker Website: https://www.peacemakercorps.org
- PSGFF Website: https://psgff.org


【Gift Share Release (Tokyo, GMT+9) 】

  2/11(Thu) 0:00  ~  2/14(Sun) 23:59

 *It's been extended to 2/15(Mon) 6:59 pm.


  "The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter -Life’s Truth Revealed-"

  "The Miracle of the Colored Light"

  "A Great Blessing"

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🔴 "The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter -Life’s Truth Revealed-"(2007)100mins 
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🔴 “The Miracle of the Colored Light” (2008)86mins    
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🔴  "A Great Blessing" (2010) 95mins
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Arigato Moviement is a newly found project that just started in January of 2021. We are hoping the gift share will reach many people across the globe, spreading love and positivity. 

『Connecting people through movies ~Arigato Moviement ~』Executive Comittee
Representative Tokiomi Yamamoto (Toki-chan)

contact :worldwide@arigatomoviement.com