Yuno Japanese lesson


Welcome to my page.
I'm Yuno. I live in Nagoya.
I like to go to travel. 🇩🇪🇮🇳🇰🇷🇲🇾🇹🇼

I teach who live in Japan, abroad as well.


Basically, I speak and explain in Japanese. 
Almost teachers are same style,
so please don't worry.☻
We set goals and have fun studying.



加藤 優乃
(かとう ゆうの)
Yuno Kato

Qualification of Japanese teacher ◯

Text book

『みんなの日本語』minna no nihongo

Please let me know, if you have a textbook you want to use.


online lesson (オンラインレッスン)
1,200yen / 60min
Zoom / Skype 
tax included
online free talk (フリートーク)
1,100yen / 40min
Zoom / Skype

face to face (対面授業)
1,350yen / 60min
Limited to Nagoya city
+travel cost
(except Higashi ward, Kita ward)
material fee/ tax included

level check
500yen / 30min
Beginner ~ Intermediate
Students level will be checked before lesson.

Let's set a goal together.

trial lesson (トライアルレッスン)
Free / 30min
Zoom / Skype / face to face

Face to face is limited to Nagoya city.

online free talk (フリートーク)
1,100yen / 40min
Zoom / Skype

First with a trial lesson.
Reservation is below⇩⇩
Yuno's Japanese lesson

If you have any questions, please email me☻
lesson : 09:00~15:00 (weekday)except Wed
          : 10:00~22:00 (Wednesday)
          : 09:00〜16:00 (Saturday)