Art Exhibition by Yoshi & Ryo

This is an art exhibition by Yoshi (Contemporary art) & Ryo (Video Installation).

Our theme "Where do we go?" is a fundamental question of modern society. This question does not suggest only physical space or place. It includes all the way of life that we require such as political posture, cultural background, history, language, and environmental factor.

In chaos, how can we find one's destination (= sense of values).
This question is the motive that we survive.

If there is hope that there is "Something we don't have now and is different from now", we may survive. We believe that the driving force is to live and continue "asking" question.

The purpose of our exhibition is pulling the trigger in "asking" about the destination where our society is heading.

Schedule:20th November ~ 2nd December 2017 (Yoshi & Ryo) outer space
        11th December ~ 22th December 2017 (Yoshi) inner space
at Refinery Artspace, 3 Halifax Street, Nelson 7010

Admission free

※Opening party 20th Nov @5:30pm-(All welcome!)



Painter, graphic artist, character designer.
Her artworks are made from her dream.

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Video artist, film maker, editor & director. He was working for documentary film & TV program in Japan.

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Saturday Special Screening

Documentary film "Little Voices from Fukushima"

Little Voices from Fukushima is a documentary film dedicated to Japanese mothers and children living in the post-meltdown world of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster. In the course of telling their stories, Director Hitomi Kamanaka takes us to Belarus, where we learn from mothers who experienced the Chernobyl nuclear disaster 28 years ago.
Ryo edited this film just before he left Japan.

     Director : Hitomi Kamanaka
     Producer : Shukichi Koizumi
     Photographer : Makiko Iwata
     Editor : Ryo Aoki
     Music : Shing02
     Production & Distribution : Bun Bun Films

Date & Time   : 25th November 1:30~3:30pm
                         2nd December  1:30~3:30pm
Admission fee: $10

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Contact: pyontopico@gmail.com


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