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specializesd in EDUCATION and MEDICINE?

I'm Offering You a Lasting Solution To Brand Your Professional Training Courses in Japan.

-Yukiko KABUKI, the interpreter beyond imagination


Five Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid When Offering Your Courses in Japan

  • Having your untrained English-speaking Japanese colleagues to interpret to save money.
  • Booking professional linguistics oriented interpreters through professional agents but not briefing them about your areas well in advance.
  • Asking for simultaneous interpretation to save time.
  • Changing interpreters on two-three hour shifts as they easily get exhausted.
  • Paying interpreters by the hour.

Then, Don't You Feel Frustrated That...?

  • audience look dissatisfied with some technical terms lost in garbled interpretation
  • speakers look exhausted after working with expressionless interpreters 
  • you have to have a time keeper to check working hours of interpreters
  • you cannot utilize course recordings partly due to interpretation quality
  • you are always searching for better interpreters
  • unsatisfactory interpretation is affecting your course reputation

The Reasons Why You Should Try My Interpretation

  • Audience can easily share the landscape in the speaker's mind.
    I never fail to follow the speaker's train of thoughts as I am trained both in humanities and sciences. 

  • Audience feel relieved that no technical term is missed.
    I keep updating my vocabulary making the most of technical glossaries, information on the web and real human contacts.

  • Audience feel comforted with the harmony of speaker's voice and mine. 
    My voice is trained and rich with bone resonance. I know how to speak in canon witt the speaker, which makes so much difference to audience ear. The bone vibration is energizing and I can interpret for 8 hours per day for 5 days without feeling tired at all. 

  • Audience will come back to your courses expecting good interpretation.

  • You can record courses and create booklets and DVDs in Japanese for PR and sales.

  • You can stop searching for interpreters.

  • I will be your concierge.  
    I am happy to translate course materials in advance, book venues, transportation, accommodation etc for you.




Expert interpreter and translator in education and medicine with 15 years of experience. Known for incredible accuracy, fluency and comfortable voice.

Organized and translated for OJT courses for teachers and doctors, including holistic approaches such as Tomatis Method, Waldorf Education and International Postgraduate Medical Trainings. 


  • Teaching interpretation at Shirayuri University in Tokyo
  • Tomatis Audio-Vocal Method consultant
  • Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology licentiate (the first and only one in Japan)
  • Has a national diploma to teach Naginata (Long-sword Kendo like martial arts ) high schools

Have taught English at unique Christian high schools such as Jiyu Gakuen and Ferris Jr.-Sr. High School

M.A./ Graduate School of Comparative Culture, International Christian University 

B.A./ Division of Humanities, International Christian University

also studied at the University of Leeds, UK

a graduate of Ferris Jr.-Sr. High School, the oldest and renowned girls' school known for excellent education in music, English and sciences.


Here's What Some Speakers Are Saying:

a founder of P A

Mr. J S

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a founder of I H

Ms. M  V D

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"We are fortunate to have Yukiko to introduce our products. Her interpretation is just right for our products quality."
( an organic producer, Germany )

"I apoligize to you, Yukiko, for writing 'using a translator is not my first choice.' in my script. I was wrong. I just did not know what an interpreter could do!"
( a professor, US )

"Oh dear, I cannot speak on my own any more. After working with Yukiko for two weeks, I am so accustomed to the comfortable rhythm of our canon."
( a teacher trainer, UK )

"Japanese people tend to underestimate the power of verbal communication. They should listened to Yukiko. We need both verbal and non-verbal communiaction." 
( a policy maker in eduation, US )

Some Organizers Are Saying: 

"We are amazed at the accuracy and fluency of Yukiko's interpretation. We hope we work together as a team." (an agricultural university, Tokyo)

"So many clients wrote 'the interpreter was superb!'. Yukiko is a part of our trademark." (a trading firm, Tokyo) 

"We were able to create a set of manuals and DVDs because the interpretation was good." ( a teacher trainer and course organizer, Yokohama)

"Not working with Yukiko means devaluing our courses ourselves." ( a holistic course organizer, Yokohama)

Japanese Audience Are Saying:

 "As an interpreter, I am shocked with Yukiko's interpretation. She goes far beyond the boundary of conventional interpretation. "
( an interpreter, Tokyo )

"She is THE interpreter and knows what to add to conventional interpreter training. Once you are used to her voice, you will faint in agony with ordinary ones.
( a CEO, Yokohama)

"I listened to Yukiko's recording over and over again and every time I am amazed how artistic it is."
( a doctor, Yokohama )

"Yukiko's Japanese-English whispering is so clear and quick. Both my thought and words were confused but she cleared up my mess. She knows more about me!"
( a high school English teacher, Miyagi )

"Yukiko interpreted for Nick, a professional storyteller from UK at my college. I had never heard English storytelling interpreted so naturally. That is why I chose to take her courses. I want to be like her."
( a college student, Tokyo)  

"The moment the presentation began, I knew Yukiko was exceptional. It sounded like she fully understood the speaker's idea and was sympathizing with the message."
( an organic product retailer, Fukushima ) 

"As a fluent English speaker, I was always annoyed with Japanese interpreters. But Yukiko knocked me down. With her interpretation I realized how inaccurate my understanding of English was."
( a life coach, Osaka ) 

"I made sure that we were going to have Yukiko before I finally applied for the course."
( a nurse, Gumma )

"Mediocre interpretation is either 'squarish' lexical replacement or 'roundish' summary  and it is not easy to find something better. Yukiko is far better.
( a life coach, Tokyo )

"I was totally exhausted with the overwhelming course content nut not frustrated because Yukiko's voice sounded so comfortable."
( a qui-gong teacher, Yokohama ) 


  • Interpretation (English-Japanese=consecutive/Japanese-English simultaneous) 
    250000 yen a day
    • Concierge ( transportation, accommodation, shopping etc )
  • Editing ( course material translation, booklet and DVD baed on recording )
   to be settled at consultation

Annual contract and project-based contract is available. 


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