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Premier Personal Training in Fukuoka


Premier Personal Training in Fukuoka

Common clients needs…

  1. I need to lose 10 kilograms by in 90days.  No problem.
  2. Is it possible to gain Three kilos of lean muscle this year?  
  3. I want to see my abs.”Results won’t come overnight, but you can do it.

For those of you who want to have a personalized, first-class workout experience, without the gimmicks or impossible-to-follow diets, read on.

The process is really simple: you come to us with a clear goal in mind (or we can develop one together) and we will deliver the results you desire.  

Fukuoka NextR offers private one-on-one training to only the most dedicated of people in Fukuoka. This is a tried-and-tested premium service, so if you are willing to put the work in, you will achieve your goals.

Our personal training services are subject to availability and spots are extremely limited and often sell out for months and years at a time, so contact us today!   

Fukuoka Personal Training Gym


・One-on-One Personal Training at the gym

One-on-one personal training, semi-private personal training (2 people) available.

Located in the international area of Hakata, in Fukuoka, our beautiful gym facility is the perfect environment for you to realize your training goals.
We specialize in fat loss and strength training, and with a wide array of training equipment at our fingertips, there is no excuse for you not to crush your workouts, feel great afterwards, and reach your fitness goals quickly.

・In-Home Personal Training

A convenient option for the busy executive, or stay-at-home parent, or power couples, NextR offers our in-home personal training services to those clients residing in Fukuoka. No gym membership cost or wasted commute time, we bring the gym to you.

・Small Group Training at the gym or parks

Personal Training Gym Fukuoka Next R

Fukuoka NextR is a premium personal training and nutrition services provider in Fukuoka, Japan, that takes leaders of industry, and the most motivated of individuals, and helps them re-claim their fitness and health from the clutches of the Fukuoka work grind.

For these dedicated and success-oriented few (time wasters not accepted), our program can help you achieve fat loss, muscle gain, general fitness goals, as well as complete and amazing body transformations.

We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a better you and living a more active and fulfilling life. We pride ourselves on affecting lives and changing people, for the better—permanently.

We would be honoured if you chose to invest in yourself, and in us, today.

Gym Facility

Main space
Private space
Dressing room
Dressing room

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Profile

Shun Imuta is the owner and head personal trainer of Fukuoka next R, at a facility based in Hakataku, Fukuoka.

Shun has been a pro boxer and a physiotherpist.

A sought-after coach and fitness expert for the English-speaking population of Fukuoka,
Shun’s goal is to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals.

His specialties are strength training, sports conditioning, and nutrition.

Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Shun spent his formative years in a small town near Toronto.

He discovered his love of fitness late in life, but he has made up for his late start with a drive and passion for learning and reading about all things health and fitness.

When Shun is not busy training or reading the latest exercise books, he enjoys travelling, playing tennis, listening to an eclectic array of music, and enjoying all things food.

Shun has lived in Fukuoka for five years.

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2-10-6pa-kusaidoko-po, Hakataeki Minami, Fukuoka Shi Hakata Ku, Fukuoka Ken, 812-0016, Japan
2-10-6pa-kusaidoko-po, Hakataeki Minami, Fukuoka Shi Hakata Ku, Fukuoka Ken, 812-0016, Japan

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