[In Malaysia]True or false about Perfect One's effect to make yoru skin beautiful. What we know from 103 reviews !?

Skincare takes a lot of time….
It's a hassle to do it everyday….

One day, I found a product in beauty magazine which is suitable for lazy person!
That is beauty cream called[Perfect One]

The Perfect One is magic cream that completes all skincare by one!

Wow… It has as many as 5 functions….
I was even afraid if it might damage my skin.

But if it really works, I want to try.
So I researched for Perfect One before I purchase.
Here are the results of my research.

Perfect One's review ( For those who felt the effect )

The fastest way to know about Perfect One is[reveiw].
If I check reviews of Perfect One, I can figure out if it is true or false about Perfect One's effect.

I found more positive reviews than I thought.
Let's start with those positive reveiws.
Turn your skin soft by this gel alone
Honestly speaking, I was tired of everyday's skincare. Everyday I have to wash face, apply lotion & cream and so on. It takes time, effort and also money. I wanted to make it easier even a little and that was the time I found Perfect one.  I was so surprised when I tried. I only applied Perfect One. Yet my skin became much softer than before. What was the skincare I used to do?? After I found Perfect One, I can save time for skincare. In other words, I have more free time now!

Easy but surely you can whiten your skin
After I gave a birth, I could not care much about myself. And I realized that my skin turned so rough. One day when I stood in front of mirror, I realized that I look so tired with rough skin. Even though I am busy raising kid, I should not leave my skin rough. So I looked for skincare that doesn't require much time then I found Perfect One. After I started to apply Perfect One, my skin obviously turned smooth and glowing and my husband told me that I look much healthier now. Beside moisturizing my skin, Perfect One also whiten my skin. This is an easy skincare solution that also whiten your skin.

I never imagined a single step can make my skin so smooth
Just by applying Perfect One gel, it will make your skin smooth. I have been to beauty salon or spending for cosmetic product but now I only apply Perfect One to maintain my beautiful skin. Money and time that were supposed to be for skincare is now spent for hobby, eating out and so on. I am enjoying such time.

My friends envy me
I am lazy person that I only apply skin lotion lightly as skincare. But as I get older, my skin is getting dried. Before dry skin turns too serious, I wanted to do something. While I was looking for something easy, I found Perfect One. Then I changed current skin lotion to Perfect One for my face. Now my skin condition is much better. My colleagues ask me how much I care about my skin because my skin looks very good for them.

Happy to see day by day improving skin
I have sensitive skin. My skin is easy to get dried and in the winter it turns flaky skin. In the summer, it gets easily dried because of AC. Dry skin isn't easy to do makeup. So I have been trying many different cosmetic products to find good one for me. One day my friend gave me Perfect One. She has been using it as well. Then now my skin won't get dried and enjyoing makeup!

Perfect One's review ( For those who didn't feel the effect )

I also realized that there are people who did not feel the efect of Perfect One.
Here are their reviews.
No immediate result
To be honest, it has been a hassle to do skincare in busy days. Then I found Perfect One which covers all cares by Perfect One alone. I thought this is really good if all-in-one gel can take care of everything. But hmm... I could not feel effect immediately. I am kind of shocked cause I believe there will be immedate result.

It moisturizes but...
Recently my constitution seems to have changed that it gets dried easily. Skincare products that I use could not moisturize enough anymore. So I searched for something better then I found Perfect One. It is all-in-one gel and as long as I see reviews, it has good moisturizing function. I ordered immediately and started to apply. Right after I applied,  I can feel retaining of moisture. But I realized it won't last that long. If I keep applying it, will my dry skin improve?

It moisturizes skin but no whitening
I have relatively dark skin and envy light and tranparent skin. I wanted to whiten skin so I have tried so many different skincare items. Then finally I reached to Perfect One. As soon as I started to apply Perfect One, my skin became soft and tender. So I thought I can expect my skin being whitened. It has been already 2 months and I do feel my skin is moisturized yet the color hasn't changed at all. I am shocked with current situation. Maybe I should keep applying it until I feel the effect. 

What is specilty of Perfect One?

Perfect One is all-in-one gel.
Contemporary women are busy with work and houseworks.
It is natural that they want to shorten the  time for skincare.

When I look for information, there are various all-in-one gel except Perfect One. It seems Perfect One is one of the most popular products among those.

Why Perfect One is popular?
By my research, I found Perfect One has[2 specialties]that is good for skincare.
I would like to summarize 2 specilities of Perfect One as follow.

With lifting collagen complex EX

Perfect One contains 7 kinds of collagens among numbers of collagens that are known for making skin beautiful.
On top of those, it contains lifting collagen complex EX that is something you can feel the effect easily.

Compared to other all-in-one that contains standard collagens, Perfect One can let you feel its effect of making beautiful skin better.

No synthetic scent or artificial coloring

What I concern about skincare product is, will it cause skin problems?
Then I found out that Perfect One does not contain any synthetic scent or artificial coloring.

Which means, people with sensitive skin can also apply Perfect One without concern.

Ingredients and effect of Perfect One

Perfect One is all-in-one gel.
It is attractive product that you can shorten the time of skincare because you don't have to apply other skincare products.

Perfect One is not only easy skincare solution but also it is highly effective for 3 aspects.

Here are little more explanation about ingredients and effects.

Moisturizing effect of collagen

Perfect One contains[Collagen].
Collagen is known for one of three important beauty ingredients.

Collagen has[moisturizing effect].
Additionally, it contains the compound of 7 effective collagen called lifting collagen complex EX.

Collagens that are contained in Perfect One make higher moisturising effect than other beauty products.

Whitening effect of arbutin

Perfect One contains[arbutin].
Arbutin is effective for skin whitening.

Arbutin inhibits the production of melanin that are generated after sunburnt.
By applying Perfect One, you can expect[whitening]because production of melanin which darken the skin will be inhibited.

Aging care effect of hyaluronic acid

Another well known from three important beauty ingredients is[hyaluronic acid].
Hyaluronic acid has effect of retaining moisture.

Hyaluronic acid moisturises the skin.
It prevents skin dryness and normalize skin turnover cycle.

When people get older and lose moisture from skin, they may get turnover disorder which causes aging skin. Moisturizie skin by Perfect One and you can also expect[aging care effect].

Characteristic of people who could not feel effect of Perfect One

When I was checking reviews, I realized there are some people who could not feel the effect.

When I go through those reviews, I found several characteristics of people who could not feel the effect.

I would like to summarize characteristics of people who could not feel the effect of Perfect One.

Apply without face wash

Perfect One is all-in-one gel that does skincare after face wash.

Some people who did not feel the effect of Perfect One was applying it without washing face.

In order to feel the effect of Perfect one, you have to remove all unnecessary things before applying.

Applied irregularly

Skin is made through everyday's skincare.
Even if you are applying Perfect One, this principle won't change.

Some of those who did not feel the effect of Perfect One were not applying Perfect One everyday.
Perfect One does not have immediate effectivity which means you have to keep applying for certain period continuously.

Irregular life

Importance for beauty is not only skincare.
No matter how much good beauty ingredients are applied, your skin won't be good if your life is irregular.

I found numbers of people whose life has been irregular and could not feel the effect of Perfect One. Irregular life is not good for your body and it even worsen the turnover cycle of your skin.

People who fit Perfect One

Even if you are considering to purchase Perfect One, I believe you would like to know if Perfect One fits you.

Judging from reviews, I think Perfect One fits to those people.

People who feel aging of their skin

As you get older, you will concern dry skin or increase of wrinkles.
It is very important to do skincare when you start to feel aging.

Ingredients that are contained in Perfect One will be effective for skin aging.
If you concern about skin aging, Perfect One is recommended to apply.

People who are looking for easy aging care solution

If you are too busy with housework, raising kids or work, you may feel a hassle to do skincare.
Since Perfect One is all-in-one gel, all you need to do is apply after daily face wash.

It is an easy solution for skincare and at same time you can also expect to create beautiful skin.

People who are not satisfied with current skincare

Perfect One contains more effective beauty ingredients than other beauty products.
Therefore, it is highly effective.

Perhaps Perfect One can be good option without concern for those who are not satisfied with current skincare.

How to apply Perfect One

I am going to apply Perfect One now. So I would like to explain[how to apply]Perfect One.
Before applying Perfect One, I wash my face.
If you have done makeup, you have to remove makeup first then remove all other unnecessary things from skin.

Open Perfect One's toner and apply evenly to your skin.
You can use mini spatula that is enclosed.

It is important to apply firmly but do not rub your skin.
Since it is a jelly-like texture, Perfect One can spread well without rubbing hard.If you are moisturized, Perfect One care is done.

I applied Perfect One

There are two kinds of Perfect one. As I wanted to do whitening, I choose[Medicated Whitening Gel]

The toner has luxurious appearance. It makes me feel like satisfying my desire…☆

I have skin condition checker so I checked my skin.

Moisture level: 26%....... Come one my skin lol

The first day…

My first impression was "It's like moisturizing cream"
But since it is the first day, I don't know what else I can say.

Yet it is nice that Perfect One covers all the skincare.
It takes effor to apply lotion and moisturizing cream.

I hope it can lighten skin spots.

Skin is getting moisturized

I already felt some effect of being moisturized by the second day. If I apply everyday, I will feel more and more moisturized.

When I touch my skin, i can feel that elasticity is much better. Which means resilient skin is coming back!

I applied skin condition checker again…

Wow! Moisture level: 47%!
Skin is well moisturized!Preveiously whatever the moisturizer I applied, my skin has tendency to be dry, so I was so surprised with the test result. But there is no effect for skin spots yet.....

Overall tone up

I have been applying for some time. Almost finishing first toner now.
Then I found out that I have done succesfull skin tone up!

Before applying Perfect One, my skin was somewhat dull.
But now it looks light! Without any makeup!?

Skin spots still remain but they are surely lightened. Because of that, I think I look much brighter.

Even it has whitening effect, it isn't easy to remove skin spots completely. But skin spots are lightened and I also felt the effect to prevent new skin spots.

Price of Perfect One

Lastly, I want to talk about the price of Perfect One.

Perfect One has 3 purchasing plans.

  • Purchase of single toner
  • Purchase of 2 toners
  • Single toner subscription purchase

Let's see the differences of each plan.

Purchase of single tonor

The price for Perfect One single toner is[230RM].
It has 75g and this amount will last for a month and half.

Since it is all-in-one, you can complete all skincare by Perfect One.
If you consider that, the price is decent (^^)

If you purchase by 2 toners, it will be better deal.

Purchase of 2 toners

The price for Perfect One 2 tnoers is[440RM].
Which means single tonor only costs 220RM. You can save 10RM per tonor!

You can feel more effect for aging care if you apply Perfect One for longer period. So it is more economical to purchase by 2 toners♪

If you apply for subscription purchase, the deal will be much better!

Single toner subscription purchase

The price for Perfect One single toner subscription purchase is[210RM].
Without placing an order, one toner will be automatically delivered to you by every 45 days.

If you choose this plan, shipping fee will be free.
There is no other fees for choosing this plan.

You can cancel anytime without regulation.
Since it is flexible to cancel, this plan is the best deal for Perfect One♪