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~TOUREX coin is a Featured ICO in 2019~

What is ICO?

◆Initial Coin Offering is abbreviated as "ICO".

◆Similar financing method is IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Difference between ICO and IPO

◆ICO raises the cryptocurrency, IPO raises funds by issuing shares.

◆In Japan, IPO can only issue shares through third party institutions such as securities companies.

◆ICO can issue Coin, a token without going through a third party.

※In the case of IPO, it is necessary to pay an audit corporation, securities company etc about 50 million yen annually (this amount greatly varies depending on the case), but this cost is not necessary for ICO.

If the backside is returned, the IPO has a fixed standard and strict audit, and those that clear it are almost certainly listed, but in the case of ICO there is no guarantee to be listed (in the worse case a token is not distributed) about. Because there are also many frauds, entry is self-judgment to the last, at own risk. At the very least, let's judge the white paper carefully.


Featured ICO
・Issuable number;81,000,000TUX
・minimum unit;0.00000001TUX

【Reason for it】

・An exchange (COINYEX) officially recognized by the Cambodian government (during application talks) is currently under preparation and listing is listed as that currency. (There are rumors that other exchanges have numerous indeterminate.)

・There are practices (exchanges) that are not found in most ICOs.

・Issuing mother body (TUX GLOBAL company) is firm.
   (A suspicious company can not have an office in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel)

・Like Ethereum, it has been developed independently as a platform and eliminates the difficulty of exchanging development coins which are weak points of Ethereum (originally because TUX GLOBAL's main business is exchanges of currencies, know-how is abundant)

・TUX GLOABL has a business tie-up with a well-known travel company, and the company is progressing in the direction to guide tourists to TOUREX coins.

・Just holding it allows you to receive various services (discounts at stores and currency exchanges at preferential rates) (= there is a possession possession)

・TUREX COIN will be one of the leading characters at the Japan Block Chain Conference to be held in June.
 (This standing position will be impossible with a doubtful coin from the origin.)

◇Now on Publicsale;9/6~◇
1TUX :3.18USD
Issuing 20 million TUX.
Purchase; 400 TUX or more (1 TUX unit)
Available on BTC or ETH
How to purchase

①Please access the application form from the button below,
fill out the necessary information, and press the Send button.
(Available on BTC or ETH)

②An email will be sent from TUX GLOBAL.
Since the number of coins to be transferred and the address are displayed,
please transfer within 1 hour.

 ③Please send TOUREXCOIN ICO team an e-mail
with purchase history photos and transaction ID.

20 coins free gift in progress.
Click the button below!

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Updated from time to time!
The latest information of TOUREXCOIN!

・White paper ver.3 is opened.9/1
・Presale ends in August!(~9/5)
Public sale starts from September!(9/6~)
Public sale;1TUX=3.18USD(20,000,000TUX)
・The virtual currency exchange "COINYEX"
aiming to be approved by the Cambodian government
is announcing on TOEREXCOIN as the basic currency
on various information media.
Ex;cointeregraph japan

・We are preparing 2 TUX free gifts
for those who opened Wallet!
(The URL for opening Wallet will be updated
as soon as it is announced!)
・Private sale has ended.Presale is about to begin!
・The white paper is upgraded !
(Exchange information also listed)
・Decided to participate in Asia's largest conference
"TokenSky (7/4 ~ 5)"!
・Private Sale Scheduled to finish soon! Presale is
1 TUX = about 2.73 USD!
・TOUREXCOIN article is posted on industry paper
"月刊仮想通貨"! Release on 6/22.
"TOUREXCOIN" will be exhibited!

~About Cambodia~

A country exploring ways to successfully incorporate cryptocurrency technology into their own country.

Although there are rumors that he is developing his own virtual currency Entapay, he confirmed with the Cambodian financial personnel on his own route that he was totally a hoax.

As a base currency on the first 'government-approved' exchange in the country, which originated in the offshore region of Malaysia, continuing high economic growth of Cambodia and also having a sufficient virtual currency growth (because its own currency Riel is weak) I think that the possibility of this coin listed will be fully understood if the viewer sees it.

In addition, Cambodia is in a civil war situation about 25 years ago, and various efforts are still being made to aim for reconstruction. Although it is not noticed in Japan, government-approved exchanges are rare even if seen worldwide. If it can be in Cambodia, funds will be gathered from overseas, and as a result Cambodia itself will be moist.

※TUX GLOBAL Inc. has an advisory relationship with this exchange.

 Why do not you think about it as a real investment that is worth investing not as mere speculation but as a big project to rebuild a country?

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