W.T.P has delivered  90 villages in Cambodia              (Updated,Mar 2016)

 10,513 People 

Who We Are

World Theater Project is  Non Profit Organization (registered Japan),estabilished 2012.
Mainly we
Our mission is to build the world where children can have choices and create their own life regardless of their background

We deliver only in Cambodia.But, we are  planning to build new branchs in Asia countries.

Why We Deliver

Our mission is to build the world where children can have choices and create their own life regardless of their background.
Many people asked me
"Why movies ? You should deliver high-priority stuff other than movies to the developing countries"
Indeed, unlike foods and vaccine,
movies are not essentials for human beings.
movies have provided me dreams and life purpose since I was a child.

I asked children in a village "What is your dream in your future?"
Some of them could not answer and all the rest gave the same answer "to be a teacher"
I wondered why they had such limited choices while Japanese children could give various replies about their dreams.
There was no electricity in this village , so they had neither TV and nor movie theater
When we ask them about their dream for the future, they could form a picture in their heads only from adults them.Their dreams are limited because they don't know various jobs
Is there anything more precious than children's potential?
If there is a movie theater in their village, what dream would they have?

How We Deliver

Our mobile theater is easy setup. Projector,Screen sheet,Generator are all to build
But the Quality is very high.The projector is made in japan. The screen sheet is the same as used in theaters.

Where we deliver

We build the theater anywhere.
Your classrooms will be a special place.

Our Structure

Our firms are Japanese Curtoons.We are officially allowed to show.







Paper Airplane

Project Member

Tatsuhiko Yamashita
(Project Leader)

(Siem Leap Leader)

(Batangbang Leader)

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One Day Tour

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We deliver  everyday
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Tour fee(one-day):10 U.S dollar(Battambong)
                15 U.S dollar(Siem Reap)
Depart from:Siem Leap,Batangban
Date: arrange for preferred date 

Morning plan
AM 08:00  Pick Up
AM 09:00  Arrive, setting,playing with Kids
AM 10:00  Showtime
AM 11:30  clean up,playing with Kids
AM 12:30  Leave


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How We work with partners

We work with each of our partners to build customized plans that meet our collective goals.
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Project Name World Theater Project
Establishment September 2012
Project Leader Tatsuhiko Yamashita
Headquaters Japan (Tokyo)
Branch Cambodia (Siem Leap,Batangbang)
Staff Total 26 (Japan:20 Cambodia:6)
Headquaters Japan (Tokyo)