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Improve your writing skills


About Our Website 

We've spread a wide range of information to 
people who want to learn English languages ​​/ 
are interested in all kinds of foreign cultures.

More than 10,000 Japanese people visit 
our website “KOTOBA-blog” on each month.

Our team of professional writers live 

all over Japan, China, US, UK, Brazil, Spain, Canada. 

We will provide you online support service from 
the team and you can learn to be a writer, 
being a part of a creative Japanese writing team..

What can I write about?

Feel free to write about your experience, knowridge of Japan!

  • About Japanese arts, Japanese culture and the tourist spots that you are interested in.
  • How is your country different from Japan.
  • The most Beautiful scenic point in your country that you want to share.
  • About Japan that even Japanese might not know.
  • Your impression / explanation of the influence of Japanese pop culture.
    (Anime, Comics, Game, Cosplay etc…)

  • About Japanese food. What is your favorite food and restaurant.
    Sushi? Ra-men, Yakitori or Natto!?

  • About Japanese food. What is your favorite food and restaurant.
    Sushi? Ra-men, Yakitori or Natto!?

You can only write in English, Japanese, or both.

If you are studying Japanese,
We would encourage you to try to write in Japanese!

Of course we won't require you to
write perfect Japanese grammar.
(I know Japanese is difficult…!)

We'd love to see your progress, and
our subscribers will love it as well.

Please post respectably as all here to learn and have fun!

Writer's Community 

"KOTOBA room"

We've expanded writer's community service
“KOTOBA room” 
into the new market helping to make friends around the world.

After posting the article, We'll invite you to
the community at the room.

There are a number of our subscribers
who want to be friends living around the world.

You'll need a "Chatwork" account.
(It's a just FREE group chat app.)
You'll be able to get update reviews and feedback 
from our subscribers directly.

Helping your learning Japanese, 
finding like minded interesting people 
who want to share their latest Japanese trends.

Whist learning and having fun in a 
relaxed professional atmosphere.

We are here to help you in KoToBa and 
will support you throughout your creative journey. 

And it's ALL free!

Improve Your Writing skills

We are putting a lot of work into 
supporting writers.

We read and correct all your writing / essays / sentences with each other.
In order to improve our skills and 
discuss how to increase potential readers.

We share all knowledge of SEO measurements, Japanese syntax techniques and mindsets.

[Professional Correcting and Teaching Service]

If you want to do a practical lesson 
built around that.

We are able to do corrections of your
work and help with grammar and spelling.

We will teach you Japanese 
according to your level.

Professional Japanese Correction and Teaching Service

It is a FREE site and we only charge if you require
our professional correction and teaching service
at 5,000yen per article.

If you have any enquiries please contact us!

We're looking forward to reading about your adventures.

We are seeking to build
writer's community 
the world sharing experiences. 

We will absolutely help you
be a professional writer.

Let's get started and create our bright future!