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Would you like marketing for your business in Japan?
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Why don't you make a Japanese version of your existing social network?
Age, gender, hobbies, and interests. We research who your product or service will resonate with and market to them.
Create a Japanese language social networking site, web page, or e-commerce page.
We have a variety of web professionals on our team. We will make suggestions to solve your problems.

How to start it?

Decide the media

Let us know which media (website, social network, etc.)  you want to use in Japanese. If you have a website ready for Japanese, we'll run it for you.

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Send us information.

Send us your company logo, company description, product photos, and product description.

Choose a plan.
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I want you to know about a market of 120 million people.

Misako F

 I have experience in translation publishing, magazine publishing, and writing and also use social networking sites every day to promote our products.  

I'm a Japanese native speaker. I speak English and stayed in NZ last year.


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