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JLPT Preparation
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*It's all in Japan time 

1. In October, teacher check your level with sample test, then make schedule and set your goal with teacher . 

2. From November, class starts 
You take classes 2-3 every week, also do a homework. 
Vocabulary/ Grammar→ 4~6 classes 
Reading → 2~3 classes
Listening → 2~3 classes 

Rresult of past exam 

N2 result.  Total score: 139/180
1. 言語知識(文字・語彙・文法)
Vocabulary/ Grammar 41/60
2. 読解 Reading 35/60
3. 聴解 Listening 54/60

N3 result.  Total score: 136/180
1. 言語知識(文字・語彙・文法) 
Vocabulary/ Grammar 42/60
2. 読解 Reading 39/60
3. 聴解 Listening 55/60

N4 result.  Total score: 120/180
1. 言語知識(文字・語彙・文法) ・読解 
Vocabulary/ Grammar・Reading 86/120
2. 聴解 Listening 34/60

About class

 「短期間に集中的に」レッスンの内容は、「テスト⇒答え合わせ⇒説明」を行い、JLPT 試験の対策をするコースです。 In the class, proceed with 「take a test ⇒ check the answers ⇒ review&explanation」this is how you  prepare for the JLPT exam. 

Teacher's Profile
*All professional/experienced

吉野(よしの) 先生

I currently running own my business. I was a Japanese language teacher for about 10 years in Japanese language school as "full-time lecturer".

In order to make good use of my experiences working, I am teaching Japanese by online.

Since I have experienced at Japanese language school, I have "well balanced lesson".

I have been teaching mainly "Japanese that you can use for various scene" from the past.

I am able to correspond to various topics and to meet your requests in our lesson.


JLPT TEST is a criterion to decide to your job career. I'll help you to study for it!


JLPT TEST is a criterion to decide to your job career. I'll help you to study for it! 

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How to enroll the class

Private 1-1 online class 
*Use Skype app(Mobile or PC) .


①Payment for the course 

Make payment 1 week before class starts 

②Level check class

・Check your level with sample test・Make study plan with teacher・scheduling classes 

③class starts 


✅ Please make sure tell us about this when you send us Skype message.

Q1. What level you will take for this December? 

N5, N4, N3, N2, N1

Q2. What date and time would you like to take class?

Q3. Tell me your Facebook name

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