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Meet Friends in Different Worlds 
We believe that all children are bright and show curiosity about everything they see. Our service is an open door to let them see as many aspects of the worlds as possible.  Learning with pure curiosity is much more powerful than just teaching what we want them to know.

Learn from One Another 
In the field of education, we usually have "Adults→Children" structures of teaching.  What if, it transforms into "Children↔︎Children"?  Talking with students with different languages, different colors of skins, and different lifestyles, that inspires the children a lot more than telling them hundred times about what they never experienced.




We provide online meeting between children from two countries. They will talk about anything, ask questions and have difficulties with answering the questions.  That's the time they think and create new ideas on their own.


Participants are not randomly chosen. Our team has some partnership schools that look for the children who want to join the video conference.


We join the meeting as observers, and facilitates a little but never control what the participants talk about, because it often results in decreasing their creativity. Instead, we trust their own free will, even if it makes awkward moments.


All you need is internet connection, a smart phone, i-Pad or computer and a little bit of curiosity.


How do you hold video conferences?
We mainly use Skype or Zoom.  Our staff arrenges the time and date according to the schedules of the both sides.
What language is needed to join Video Conference Club?
Every Children can join us, regardless of language. Mainly they talk in English, but they can also teach their own language each other if they like.
Do you have an age limit?
We assume this service is for children of age 7 to 18, but please feel free to contact us regardless of age. We're thinking of letting university students join in VCC, too.
How often do we do Video conference?
We do video conference once in a week and continue it for at least 3 months. 
If the students want more often, we'd find another group of students for them.
Can we have Japanese lesson from Japanese students? Chinese lesson from Chinese students?
Yes. We divide the time and let Japanese students teach you Japanese language, if you like. You can also try teaching your language to the students in different countries. 
How do you hold video conferences?
We mainly use Skype or Zoom.  Our staff arrenges the time and date according to the schedules of the both sides.



Daisuke (Japan)
"Through talking to foreigner in every life, it can be an opportunity to realize that “I am insufficient now to tell my thoughts accurately to the other party”."
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Fumio Matsumoto

Fumio Matsumoto is a founder of StoryShare Inc. the first ESS schools run by Japanese in the Philippines. Believing in the power of entrepreneurship, he has been devoting himself to develop e-education. In 2013, he started online school in Cebu, and another school was opened in Baguio in 2015.



StoryShare Inc.

One of the most famous ESS schools in the Philippines, which has a superior reputation for its original method of teaching English. It's also the oldest school among the Japanese funded schools. There are two branches in Cebu City and Baguio City.


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