VOOPOO Rimfire RTA Review-Rimfire RTA From Voopoo

The company Voopoo has released a tank of VOOPOO Rimfire RTA. The device received a fluid flow adjustment, an impenetrable structure and a base for two spirals.
On August 4, Voopoo introduced the Rimfire rebuildable tank atomizer device in the Instagram. The serviced tank was made of stainless steel in four colors. The air intake openings along with the adjustment ring are located on top. Immediately above it fixed detachable top ope hiding a couple of wide filling holes. The design was crowned with an 810th epoxy resin drip. The dome was perforated with a pair of liquid holes and decorated with the name of the company.
Inside the outer dome is another one, which provides for turning the adjustment of the supply of e-juice to the evaporation chamber. On the deck, there are four slots for fixing one or two spirals, eight holes for the bottom blowing and two separate tanks for laying cotton wool. The legs of the winding are installed from above and are pressed with screws in the walls of the base. In addition to the lower airflow grate, the air flow enters the spiral from under the dome. The standard volume in 2 ml can be increased to 5 ml.
The package includes two spirals, a screwdriver, additional glass, a set of screws, cotton, and instructions.

Another atomizer tank- the VXV X RDA

The company VXV has released the device VXV X RDA. The VXV X RDA was made of stainless steel in black and metallic colors. 
From above, on the thread fixed top keep with 810-m of a dripper, deep incisions on the ribs and a pair of air holes on the inner walls. The tightening adjustment was realized by turning with respect to the dome. On it also made two more slots and embossed engraving of the company's logo.
Under the dome are two T-shaped racks with long bars for the length of fixing the two spirals. The legs of the winding are installed in the slots vertically and are pressed from the sides with hexagon screws. The bath for the liquid does not differ in depth. If necessary, the standard pin can be changed to BF.