Why don't you enjoy Kyoto with an English local guide?

Let's enjoy Kyoto together!

Why sightseeing in Kyoto?

Hi, I'm Masa, a guide in English with the national license. I've been living in Kyoto for not less than 20 years. I have a confidence in giving you more interesting information as one of the local people than other guides do. 

What do you think captures people's mind in Kyoto? One thing is that Kyoto is one of the histrical cities with more than 1200 years. You can enjoy not only sightseeing many scenic spots with its tradition, culture and history but he modern stylish culture at the same time.

Look at the pictures of scenic spots in Kyoto as follows : Kinkakuji; Golden Pavillion covered with snow, Kiyomizu Temple with autumn colors, Gate of Heian Shrine, Torii gates in vermillion at Fushimi Inari Shrine and Geiko(Geisha) & Maiko, an apprentice geiko.
On the other side, Kyoto is an urbanized city.
You can experience a Time slip to to the feudal era and encounter a samurai and a ninja in Kyoto.

On top of the above sightseeing spots, I can guide you to my favorite places in Fushimi and Uji areas in Kyoto. You can taste Sake, Japanese rice wine at some Sake breweries in Fushimi.
Guide charge:
J¥3,000 per an hour for 2-10 persons and 
J¥2,000 addiional charge per person for more than 11 persons until 20 persons except for addmission fee of facilities.

Working hours: 2-8 hours on Saturday, Sunday and holiday depending on the guide's schedule of the day.  

For the details, please contact me at the following e-mail address: masafushimi@kb3.so-net.ne.jp

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I have a blog reporting various scenery of Kyoto when I find out on some occasions. Please check it for your information;
MASA's profile:
Born in 1960. Has been living in Kyoto since 1996.  Working experience at a manufacturer in Tokyo and Kyoto for 34 years. 15 years' experiece of exporting business.

Qualifications & Certificates:
English lisence guide, Domestic travel service chief, Kyoto Tourism Culture Certification 3rd grade.