My name is


TUKx2 driver in
Siem Reap(Cambodia)

Always I'm in the night market.(Siemreap)

What I can do is

・Good at English.
-we can communicate easily by English. I can guide Siemreap, Angkor Wat,Tonlé Sap, etc.

・Every time I will pick up you.
-Please tell me the time and place you want to drop off and pick up. Airport,hotel,everywhere is ok.

・I have many friends.
-If you want to know good spa,souvenirs,and other, please ask me. I can introduce you.

・I'm very polite.
-A lot of people use me again and again. please feel free to contact me!

When you come here,
please feel free to contact me!

(The photo is my car. It is very comfortable good seat. You ride up to four people. It was very exepensive when I bought...haha)

Please contact me!