What you need to tell.

We love the world.
We love you.

But I can't tell it directly.

So, We think at least, I want to convey my love in the beautiful Japanese language of my country.

We will endeavor to contribute to world peace with the power of the letters we create. 


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How to read is 平(hei)和(wa).

『平』means flat.
『和』means sum.

These two letters together mean 『peace』

Only when people's hearts are as flat as the earth and people hold hands together to create a circle around the world will be peaceful.

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Loving mother

How to read is 慈(ji)母(bo).

『慈』means charity.

『母』means mother.

Mother`s warm and big love that has been received since childhood.

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How to read is 尊(son)敬(kei).

『尊』means respect.
『敬』means respect.

Japanese has a lot of respect.
Japanese people respect not only people but also things and food.

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How to read is 博(haku)愛(ai).

『博』means big and wide.
『愛』means love.

Love widely.
Loving all people equally.

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Cannnot be English

How to read is 色(siki)即(soku)是(ze)空(ku-).

『色』means color.
『即』means immediately.
『是』means Right.
『空』means sky.

Everything is changing,and there is nothing that doesn`t change, so it`s good for you.

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Cannnot be English

How to read is 花(ka)鳥(chou)風(fu-)月(getsu).

『花』means flower.
『鳥』means bird.
『風』means wind.
『月』means moon.

Flower bird Just as there is a beautiful landscape in your country, there is a beautiful landscape in Japan. The Japanese come to mind when they think of their hometown landscape.

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