For non-Japanese owners of a restaurant in Tokyo

Running business
in Tokyo, but
haven't got any benefits from Tokyo? 

If so, TraRes will support you! 

Do you want to develop your business?

- If you are small business owner 
- If you need supports to keep running your business
f you want to develop your business

You have a chance to get benefits or subsidies from Tokyo!

  If you are...

    ・Owner of a restaurant in Tokyo
    ・Planning to stat (/started) takeout and delivery services
    ・Made anew seats on the terrace

 ⇒ You may get \1,100,000 (maximum) !

However, unfortunately, the official website of the benefits and subsidies hardly has English explanations. 

Sounds interesting?

Please contact us if you are interested. 
We will support you to apply for it.

*We can only support who can communicate in Japanese or English this time.
*We will support your applying for other than COVID-19-related subsidies.
*Please let us know if you need an applicant representative.