"Excite and Impress the world"
with the power of products.
That's exactly what we at
TRACH Trading do.

About us

Our mantra is "Try, Act, and Change".

We would like to help by forging connections between those wonderful international ones and Japanese customers.

"We would like to introduce you to the utility, quality, and desirability of goods."

We vow to support makers when they themselves take on challenges, take action, and evolve.

Our mission

★ Generating an awareness of the existence of goods, their branding, and acquiring customers by marketing, using crowdfunding in Japan such as Makuake, CAMPFIRE, and GREENFUNDING.

★ Selling goods online on Amazon, Rakuten, and our EC site.

★ Doing business with established retailers in Japan such as TOKYU HANDS, Loft, BicCamera, Yodobashi Camera, TSUTAYA ELECTRICS.

★ Taking part in the largest gift show in Japan for free, the "Tokyo International Gift Show" held every February and September, which attracts 200,000 buyers.

Our partner

We have Mr. Hideaki Otake as a partner.
Our partner Mr.Hideaki Otake is the representative of Yubiken Co., Ltd., and has a lot of experience in negotiations with overseas companies regarding crowdfunding, etc.

Change the world with us

We at TRACH Trading believe that the power of products can change people's lives.
Let us change as many people's lives as possible.


Takuya Tanimoto
I was born in Hyogo in 1986.
I started my business, seeking "CHANGE", after working as a police officer for 12 years.
I founded TRACH Trading in order to make may dream come true, to connect Japan with the world.

Our Company

Company TRACH Trading
CEO Takuya Tanimoto
2-1-3 Yuyamadai, Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo, Japan

2-1-3 Yuyamadai, Kawanishi-shi, Hyogo, Japan

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