Like a sandwich bar, you can choose your favourite fillings, the types and amount of rice, sauces & spices.


1.Rice Bowls  ※Included White Rice M
You can choose Japanese Style or Sweet Chilli Teriyaki Sauce!

-The king of taste-
 1.Teriyaki Chicken $5.99*
 2.Big Teriyaki Chicken $7.99*
-100% Australian Beef-
 3.Teriyaki Beef $5.99*
 4.Big Teriyaki Beef $7.99*
-Good source of OMEGA3-
 5.Teriyaki Tuna $7.49*
-100% Australian Lamb-
 6.Teriyaki Lamb $6.49*
 7.Big Teriyaki Lamb $8.49*
-Ideal for kids-
 8.Teriyaki Meatballs $5.69*
 9.Big Teriyaki meatballs $7.69*
-Aussie favourite-
 10.Ham&Cheese(Tomato base) $4.99*
 11.Big Ham&Cheese $5.99*
 12.Meatballs&Parmesan Cheese $5.69*
 13.Big Meatballs&Parmesan Cheese $7.69*
-Double layer of cheese-
 14.Teriyaki Cheese Lovers $3.99*
-Excellent source of FIBRE-
 15.Baked Beans&Mixed Veg$4.99*
 16.Baked Beans,Mixed Veg&Cheese $5.49*
-Have it plain or with your sauce at home-
 17.Plain White Rice $1.99*
 18.Plain Mixed Rice $2.99*

2.Types&Amount of Rice
 1.White Rice M 250g Included
-Healthier Choice-
 2.Mixed Rice M 250g Extra $1
-Mixed 30% of Brown Rice-

 3.Mixed Rice S 125g Extra 60c
 4.White Rice S 125g Save $1.50

3.Healthier Spices&Extra Sauces
30c each
-Reduce Blood Pressure-
 1.Graunles Garlic
-Good for the Stomach-
 2.Black Pepper Cracked
-Protect against Strokes-
 3.Chillies Crushed Hot
-Strengthen the Immune System-
 4.Mixed Herbs
-Anti-Diabetic Properties-
 5.Parsley Flakes
60c each

-ORIGINAL special recipe-
 6.Japanese Style Teriyaki Sauce
 7.Sweet Chilli Teriyaki Sauce

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Rice Bowl
Competitive Eating!

Fri, Sat & Sun Events

If you can eat 2 medium rice bawls till the end of Rocky theme song(Duration 4:51), it is free!
Eat our rice bowls, if you can!




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