From Start-up until High-grade Life Support Service

For long-stay foreign guests who are just going to live in Tokyo -area

Need Japanese translator ?
Need Japanese attendant ?
Need more ?
Yes, we will be your "concierge" for your Japan Life 

Life in Japan

Do you know what you need to know before you live in Tokyo ?

Tokyo area is one of the exciting international districts in the world.
Because of English difficulty and culture differences, however, you might feel some stress or frastration.

Could you imagine what you would face in Japan ?


English in daily life

Not many people in Japan can not speak English still now, so if you do not know Japanese, some trouble and misunderstanding would be occurred.


Life-line is very important when you start up.  You should arrange life-line( water, electricity. gass) and mobile setting by yourself.  Also you need to go to ward office in your living area.

social rule

"unspoken rule"

In Japan,  there are many "unspoken social rule".  If you know them in advence,  you will not feel any stress on them. 

Kids education etc.

If you have a kid and baby,  you need to find out clinic and educational place according to your situation.  Also you might want to find a community you would like to share time with kids.


Mental control

Culture difference, English difficulty, and new life stress give you more mental depression, which would be very important and big issue for you.   

Tenseness (less-relax)

There are many places and opportunities you need to enjoy your new life in Japan, but you might be busy for your daily life and no time to find out.

Support menu (instances)

"Life-line" support

You can check the area you are living in and can live as local people.


You can go anywhere and know how to take any transportation.

Document-translation support

You would receive many documents in Japanese which are sent, but you would know what is writtened. Also you would learn Japanese as well.

Shopping support
(where to get)

I guide you where you are going in your daily life for shopping and you can find where and what you need to get.
Any valuable information such as prices and quality can be available.

relax and care

 hand massage and therapy with medical aroma are available because I am aroma therapist.

high-grade experience

You can enjoy real high-grade and
high-quality experiences. 
Based on your request, I guide you to an excellent experience you never imagined.  

high-grade experience

You can enjoy real high-grade and
high-quality experiences. 
Based on your request, I guide you to an excellent experience you never imagined.  

This life support service will give you relief and comfort
when you start-up new life in Japan.
Also you will save time and money.

Life support gives you confident and relief.
Also you will be free from...

               1. frastration and stress
               2. wasting time
               3. mental depression

You can have a consultation by ZOOM
before you come to Japan(or when you arrive at Japan) so that you can judge if you need the support or not.
If you sign up before you come to Japan,
you can get this support service from the day you arrive at Japan. 


Yoko Mochizuki

Graduated at Osaka University of Foreign Studies 1999, majoring Philippine studies and South East Asian studies.  International exchange student for a year in 1997 at University of Hawaii.  After graduated, worked for several world-wide companies, especially at export department sec. , and learned communications with international way of understanding.

Since I have communicated internationally through many years,  I can support you, based on what you need to be.  Also I am  a mom, so I will help you in many aspects of your family support, such as child care and house matters.  Then I am aroma-therapist, so I can support you in mentally.

I do believe that knowing my service, people would come to Japan feeling no anxiousness.

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