You still masturbate?

I understand,
deep in your mind, you really want to stop it, but you can't...
Can you?

She is looking at you.
She will unconsciously understand that you did it.

Stop becoming a disgusting unpopular and dull man!

I will tell you a practical way of next generation,
decreasing DHT and increasing only testosterone.

When was the last time you did it?

DHT is our enemy.

There are two kinds of
male hormones,
"good fellow" called testosterone and another one called

· Thinning hair and baldness
· Beard thickens
· Body odor smells
· Bad breath
· Body hair grows dirty in chest, buttocks and weird parts
· Pimples, dirty skin, etc.

You just don't know how to stop. 
There is a reason.
Only high testosterone men know that.

Three Promises...

1: Never Get You Bored

2: Speak Simple, Never Make It Complex

3: Present Hands-on Plan

Develop your own style for all 24 hours of a day.

A high-testosterone man can build enormous assets.

Surrounded by a lot of wonderful friends and teachers,
he will raise a loving family with a truly faithful woman,
accomplish his mission, and live his life in freedom.

On the other hand,
a low-testosterone man will end up being compelled to labor
by his company, bosses, country and government.

His life will be unrespected, and tied down by many things.   Struggling financially, hounded by bill collectors,
and disenchanted with the woman he loves.

Even if he gets married, he will be cheated and left.

Finally in his old age, there’s no family to look after him,
then he will be passed around among nursing homes,
suffering from a malady alone, and dying solitary death…

In this way, we are entering the bipolar era
where the testosterone level sets a boundary.

“Do you know the strongest reason
that women fall in love with a man,
and want to be with him?”

Author introduction

Low Sow

Born in July 1988.
Running three merry companies.
Currently he goes around cheery spots in the world with his loving family,
enjoying an indefinite honeymoon lifestyle.
Inside the airplanes is the best. Airplane fetish.
Recently, Barcelona and Vancouver are his favorite.
Last time you did it was the last time you betrayed yourself.

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