Tea Time Talk
                in Misawa

Want to speak Japanese naturally? 
Here is a recipe for happiness
in your Misawa life

Today's Program

  • Icebreak "Tako-Shoukai"
  • About our project
  • Tea Time Talk
  • Demo "Air Kitchen"
  • Exchange of Opinions

Misson/Action agenda

Our Mission & Action agenda
Our Mission

Action Agenda
  1. Create an oppotunity to use effective Japanese with local people
  2. Provide useful phrases/tips for living in Japan 
  3. Do some activities for learning a lot of various foreign cultures (ex. Air kitchen)
  4. Collect all kinds of problems between foreigners and local people
  5. Give bussines training to Japanese staffs or Japanese company
  6.  Making quality ESL materials such as instruction manual or guideline for logical thinking
While Sae-san and I are working at E&T office, we met some Airmen who are looking for the place to practice their Japanese in Misawa. However, we don't have  any recommendations and couldn't find any place like that. 

We know "Output" is the best way to improve lanuage skill.

That's the reason why we decided to start this project.
Main contents to consists of Tea Time Talk.
  1. Community Salon
  2. Air Kitchen
  3. Personal Development for Japanese volunteers
  4. Company Training
  5. Development of teaching materials

How To Grow Up

First, we make our own Meetup group to brush up their language. Find Japanese volunteers can be attended constantly. Do research what people have difficultly in Misawa.

Second, give some oppotunity for trainning to become an expert volunteer. Make instruction manual for local stores.

Third, establish our own training style with original materials for Japanese companies, volunteer staffs, learner, people who want to start "Air Kitchen". (Textbook, Instruction manual, Study tools ...)

At the last, with the spread of this project in Japan, no more troubles to find the plance for learninig Japanese & English!

Unique Sales Point

Expert volunteers
We produce expert volunteers as a partner for American. They would be evaluated from their school or company.
Air Kitchen
We will be the first place in Aomori.
There is a big chance to be role model. Sae-san would be great adviser.
Global Communication
We will make own teaching skills, instruction manual, active learning process, logical thinking
Global Communication
We will make own teaching skills, instruction manual, active learning process, logical thinking


1 bag of Gyoza paper (25 sheets)
150g ground pork
1/8 cabbage
Japanese Leek

☆ Seasoning
1 tsp grated garlic
1 teaspoon ginger
1 tablespoon sake
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon of sesame oil
Chinese sasonings
salt and pepper

           1. Chopped cabbage roughly and sprinkle solt.
           2. Put ground pork and ☆seasonings in a bowl and mix well.
           3. Add chopped leek and cabbage
           4. Wrap #3 with Gyoza paper and baked with pan untill golden brown.
Future Subjust
  • Price 
  • Attract customers
  • How to secure a budget for materials
  • Collection of grest topics for teaching


09/21/2019 Free demonstration
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