Easily upgrade your home meal. Table cover "TATAMI ZEN" looks food more delicious.

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"What is TATAMI ZEN?"

  TATAMI ZEN aims to design a table cover to experience a Japanese style at home. Japanese traditional paper is easy to use and makes home-made meal more delicious.

  Despite being excellent, we changed our perspective and reconsidered the tatami technology that is being lost with the times so that it can be passed on to future generations.

We chose a Japanese traditional paper with a water-repellent coating, so that you could use it beautifully for the long time.

With our Kyoto tatami craftsmen skill, we have redesigned the shape which was difficult to put into a daily use. A new table cover was born from traditional techniques.

In the most basic of terms, washi paper simply means traditional Japanese paper, wa (和) meaning Japanese and shi (紙) meaning paper. 

Washi paper is one of of Japan’s most fundamental, and often overlooked, artistic products. During 1,300 years of production it has formed the backbone of many other Japanese artforms. In fact washi paper is so ingrained in Japanese culture, there are literally towns build around washi paper making.

The Japanese have been perfecting the art of traditional paper making for hundreds of years. It has been used for a long time in calligraphy, paintings, and fittings for Japanese architecture.

It is also useful not only for Japanese art works, but also for restoration of world art works such as the mural painting "The Last Judgment" in the Vatican's World Heritage Sistine Chapel.  




We believe that creating a space with particular food and tableware will enrich the time for daily meals.

Taking advantage of tatami mats, we have realized a table cover that is "beautiful," "easy to use," and "makes food delicious."

Delicious Shape

1. With a thickness of 2 mm and a solid Japanese paper material, it keeps a perfect shape and it won't roll up on a table, so you can enjoy having meal comfortably.
2. Since the Japanese paper material has a water-repellent coating, even if a small amount of liquid such as drinks spills, it will not stain the table.
3. We have adopted a fine-textured "mesh weave" to facilitate the heat insulation effect. This allows you to enjoy your food while maintaining the temperature at which people find it delicious.
 * Due to the characteristics of the product, some threads of different colors may be mixed. It will not effect to a quality. You can use it with no problem.


We use water-repellent coated Japanese paper material that is both easy to use and beautiful so that those who are particular about it can enjoy their meals on a regular basis.  

Easy to clean. You can wash it thoroughly with a sponge with a neutral detergent.

For a Gift

You can also decorate your room as an interior when it is not in use. The simple design makes it look very beautiful.

Tatamiya Yokouchi Profile:

Representative Junpei Yokouchi.

・First-class tatami mat making technician.
・Born in Tokyo in 1994.
”Under the influence of his older brother in his childhood, he continued to play rugby from the age of 4 until he graduated from high school.
  Ichiro Yokouchi, the second owner of the Yokouchi tatami store, passed away while he was in high school.

  Impressed by the tatami mats he saw at his grandfather's funeral, he decided to become a tatami mat craftsman.

  After graduating from high school, he became a disciple at a tatami shop in Kyoto and learned the technique of "Kyotami" by working on tatami mats at Hoshinoya Resort and Ohara Sanzenin.

  After the training, he returned from Kyoto to Tokyo, and after about a year and a half of warrior training, opened "Tatamiya Yokouchi" in August 2017.

  Currently, while working on various tatami mats including shrines and temples, he continues to disseminate tatami culture through lectures and events.”


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Please support our project! We will be launching our first crowdfunding on Kickstarter. We will notify you once it's on live.
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