How about Okinawa for your next travel? Okinawa’s sightseeing spots recommended by FUN! JAPAN!

Hi! This is Nob. When will be your next trip to Japan? If you haven’t decided yet, why not visit Okinawa?

I just recently returned from an Okinawa trip together with the winners of FUN! JAPAN Visit Japan Campaign. This trip’s schedule was made according to the “Okinawa Trip by Everyone” under the “FUN! JAPAN Okinawa Special Edition”. We’ve made trips of the combinations of popular sightseeing spots based on your comments on our surveys, gathering parties, articles and popularity votes from all of you. We visited the places, and all of them were very nice. So, we are very confident to recommend Okinawa to you, if you’re ok, let’s go to Okinawa!

In this article, we will share with you the hotels that we stayed during our trip. We’ve also attached our travel reports. Please have a read!

4 hotels recommended by FUN! JAPAN! Read with travel reports written by FUN! JAPAN

We stayed at these 4 hotels listed below. Apart from the travel reports, you can also find useful links for reservation and tourist information. Please check if you are interested.

You can make hotel reservation and read reviews from other users.

This is the travel report by FUN! JAPAN.

You can find information of the sightseeing spots nearby the hotel. There are many attractive photos.

Hyatt Regency Naha Okinawa

Hotel Orion Motobu Resort & Spa

Miyako-jima Tokyu Hotel & Resort

Hyakuna Garan

Okinawa Monitor Tour report

If you want to read first the monitor report, please check here. There are 2 types: official report from FUN! JAPAN, and reports by the winners. Please have a read of both!

Official Report by FUN! JAPAN

Report by the winner Mr. Melvin (Singapore)