Skeepon Turf is a biostimulant developed in Japan based on technology that protects plants from heat and dryness.

Especially when used on golf turf, it can enhance the heat and dryness resistance of the turf.

Comparison test

The image above is an experimental image with water given only twice per two weeks.

The image on the left was given a 500x dilution of Skeepon Turf, and the image on the right was provided water only. As a result, the turf fed with Skeepon Turf remained in good condition, but the turf fed with water only died.

Protect your turf from heat and dryness

Skeepon Turf improves the dry spots caused by heat and dryness. 
It can be applied to the already troubled dry spot areas to re-grow a stronger turf.

Also, if you are worried about heat damage in the summer, you can prevent dry spots by spraying in advance.


Reduce your turf watering costs about half
SkeeponTurf makes the turf more tolerant of dry, high temperatures and significantly reduces the frequency of watering. Then, it can reduce labor and watering frequency about half.

The best practice for manager & golf course

We feel that golf course managers are always up to date on chasing high quality and keeping costs as small as possible.

We would be happy to help you provide your customers with high-quality golf turf that is not affected by the climate and reduce labor and irrigation costs without reducing quality.

Usage Method

Ingredient Acetic acid
Specifications 1L x 12
Application Japanese grass, Western grass
Standard usage amount 1 to 2 ml/㎡
Dilution factor 200 to 500 times
Standard application volume 250ml/m2 or more
Spray interval About once a week in summer, about twice a month outside of summer
Please note that rainfall and heavy watering after treatment will reduce its effectiveness.
Application Japanese grass, Western grass

Kim JongMyong
Ac-Planta Inc. / CEO

Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo

Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo

The modulation of acetic acid pathway genes in Arabidopsis improves survival under drought stress

Certification: RIKEN VENTURE
Ac-Planta is approved by the RIKEN Venture System
based on research results at RIKEN Inc., Japan.

Skeepon Turf protects your golf course turf from heat and dryness.

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