SHISHIODOSHI              Characteristic

The bamboo cylinder is a device called "shishiodoshi", which automatically lowers the head of the bamboo cylinder when it collects water to hit a stone and create a sound. It is set up as a decoration in Japanese gardens to allow one to enjoy the sound of water and the sound of the bamboo tube. A lantern that illuminates the light is also placed nearby to provide movement within the stillness of the stone garden and enhance the healing effect of the garden. Each person will experience different feelings regarding the tone.

 The circular stepping-stones below are called "tobiishi", and form a walking path to go to the stone washbasin and lantern. The stepping-stones themselves are also important to create the atmosphere of the garden.

 The key point of SHISHIODOSHI is its story allowing one to imagine people walking. It is important to create a balance that allows one to cross the stepping-stones, wash hands, and allow view the lanterns being lighted.

SHISHIODOSHI making video