SEKITEI                  Characteristic

This is a rock garden composed of seven scenic stones that are considered to be auspicious in Japan. Each stone allows one to feel their strong and stable presence.  The stones are placed close to each other, further increasing the sense of stability and profoundness of the entire stone garden. In addition, while forming a stable triangle, the overall arrangement is not artificial, but rather arranged as if it were in nature. This balance between the individual and the entirety creates calmness that causes the viewer forget the time.

 Depending on the viewpoint, one may see various things such as "islands floating in the ocean", "high mountains facing a sea of clouds", or "planets floating in space". This demonstrates the profundity of a Japanese garden, which is said cause the viewer to see different things depending on the state of mind the viewer; it is a sophisticated technique for arranging natural stones.

 The key point of SEKITEI is the balance of stone placement and the viewing angle. The overall balance of the garden is basically determined as viewed from a single point. The material and color of the stones are also important points.

"SEKITEI" making video