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Fascinating English guide services
in Okinawa are offered here.
Your escourt Seiko Kokuba is a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

I have been working in tourism since 2002, and became a national certified guide in 2008.
Since then, I have been guideing for
more than 2000 guests every year!

With an ocean of knowledge of
Japanese and Okinawan culture,
history, religeon and daily life,
your unforgettable trip to Okinawa
is now promised!!

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All comes down to people
you meet in trip

We travel because we would like to feel and  learn something different in your daily life.

People you meet during trip
are so important that they are
the ones to make your trip great
or boring and tiring.

I believe local guides are crucial.
Choose me as your guide
for next trip to Japan,
your once in a lifetime experience is now guaranteed

Walking Tours in Naha

Explore profound culture of the Ryukyu kingdom.

Try freshest sashimi in a fish market!

Feel the energetic and exotic air
in 'the Kitchen of Okinawa'.

Eat, eat, eat!
Okinawan foods
are diverse!

Makishi Public Market

Learnig Okinawan foods such as fish, meat, sweets, veges, etc

Guide fee only

Transport, Cost of food

1.5 hours

Tour fee per person:
2-5 persons; JPY 2,000/ USD 20
6-10 persons; JPY 1,500/ USD 15

Crafts and Markets
Like a local Okinawan!

Makishi Public Market
Pottery Street or Yachimun Street
Naha City Traditional Arts and Crafts Center

Learnig Okinawan foods such as fish, meat, sweets, veges, etc
Arts and crafts (shopping possible)

Guide fee only

Transport, Admission to gallery

2-2.5 hours

Tour fee per person:
2-5 persons; JPY 3,000/ USD 30
6-10 persons; JPY 2,500/ USD 25

Ambassador to
the Ryukyu Kingdom

2 UNESCO World Heritages;
Shuri Castle, Royal Mausoleum

Happy learning all you would like to know about wonderful history of the kingdom of Ryukyu

Guide fee only

Admisson of castle and mausoleum, transport


Tour fee per person:
2-5 persons; JPY 4,500/ USD 45
6-10 persons; JPY 4,000/ USD 40


Pick-up at your hotel:

It is totally depends on
your hotel location.
Naha city: JPY2,000-3,000 approx

It does NOT include transport.

Free Plan
Exclusive Arrangement

Any kind of tours are
available here!

Cooking class
of Okinawan food and sweets

Home visit
of local elderly people

Day trip to northern area
e.g. aquarium, castle remains, kayaking

Special interest tour
e.g. longevity, Battle of Okinawa

Interpreting service
for inspection, research
e.g. factory, distillery, company

Guide or Interpret Fee per group:

Half day up to 4 hours;
JPY 15,000-20,000

Full day up to 8 hours;
JPY 25,000-30,000

Full day up to 12 hours;
JPY 30,000-40,000

Free to contact:

Combine tours above!
Get 10% OFF!!

If you would like to enjoy 'Ambassador to the Rukyu Kingdom' in the morning, 
'Crafts and Markets' in the afternoon,
your total payment is 10% discounted as below!

⇒ 6,750 ❢
Also, I can recommend best lunch restaurants for you from wide options.

Your Guide

Thank you for visiting my page.

I've got so many thank-you letters and words by my wonderful guests, since I started working as an English guide in Okinawa 11 years ago.

The below comments are a few of them.

A lady from San Diego, USA;
You are the very best guide I've ever met since I began travelling by world cruise.
Your choices of topics are great, and English was exellent!

A lady from New York City, USA;
You are so outstanding, brilliant guide.
I know it is tough to find good English speakers in Japan, but your English was so perfect that I could relax and enjoyed your talk all day.

A gentleman from UK;
You made my day sparkle.
Your deep knowledge of your own culture is marvellous!

A tour manager from Singapore;
You will have to work for our clients forever!
You must always be here to welcome us. lol


I have welcomed the guests from more than 80 countries, and I have traveled to more than 50 countries as I had worked in a travel agency in Tokyo.

I believe traveling overseas makes the world happier and more peaceful. Through exploring cultural diversities, we learn how to live better at home with people from colorful cultural background.

I hope our miracle encounter on this small island of Okinawa will change the world and your days happier than ever!

Seiko Kokuba