Bingata Dyeing Workshop
Make your own Bingata art
「Okinawan Christmas」

Handmade craft of Okinawa!

Enjoy a fun family activity that activates kid's.
creativity and creates
found and lasting Okinawan memories.
The tapestries will bring back wonderful memories of
your living in Okinawa.
Perfect Gift for Christmas in Okinawa.

 Christmas Tapestry 


Reservation&any questions by Facebook message   
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【Flow of the Workshop】

You first paint on a fabric that is already prepared with the masking starch.
After you paint the fabric, you can take it home and let it dry from a week to ten days.
Then, your Bingata will be completed after washing the masking starch off.

This Workshop is designed for any person at any age to experience and enjoy
the traditional artifact of Okinawa while learning its history.

 Recommended items
(All products are handmade)  

【Christmas Tapestry】Perfect Gift for Christmas in Okinawa!
Price: 16,000Yen
Size: 45cm×90cm (This product is sale Only)

We also sell other goods made by our craftspersons.

How to make a reservation

Please book a workshop at least 3day in advance.
Please tell me(Date/Time/number of people)
【Workshop start time】
●Morning  10:00am~ or 10:30am~
●Afternoon 1:30pm~ or 2:00pm~
(Close on Sunday)
Feel free to contact us for reservation or any questions by Facebook message or reservation form↓
(FBmessage easyly&Quickresponse)

Shop information&AccessMap

Address:Maeda4-9-1,Urasoe city,Okinawa.
※Free parking lot is available

【Transportation Access】
・Approximately 40 minutes from "Naha International airport" by car (open road)
・Approximately 15 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Nishihara I.C. by car (open road)
・Approximately 15 minutes from "Shurijo Castle Park" by car (open road)

【Route Bus】
★Nearest bus stop: "Kouseien iriguchi" and 2minute walk

NahaCity Out Line
・No.125 Futenma Kuukou Line
・No.25 Naha Futenma Line
・No.333 Naha Nishihara Line
・No.97 Ryuudai Line

Ourshop outside view

Ourshop signboard

Free parking lot is available for visitors at my shop. However,vehicles maybe parked up to five.

Shingo Yamashiro

Hello.Nice to meet you. I'm ShingoYamashiro.
Our studio is 48years old this year.
"RyukyuBingata"is a original culture unique to Okinawa.
We want many people to know more about Bingata&ourshop.
Let’s Enjoy the Bingataworkshop.
We are looking forward to seeing your visit.