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The history of the use of Seal (hanko/inkan) in Japan as signature came from China. Seals were once used broadly in Europe.

Since the Japanese Edo era (year around 1600s-1800s) up to the present, the hanko was embedded as one of the pillars of Japanese identity, culture and tradition. The seal is Japan's version of Western and modern use of signature.

Aside from being a personal affixation of one's authority that a person owns in his/her lifetime, the seal is a representation of one's responsibility and identity.

What is SEALhouette Series "S"?

SEALhouette Series "S" is  a package of traditional Japanese seal complete with seal case, storage  box, and special wrapping made from Japanese carriage cloth "Huroshiki".   

For the letters (font) and design representing your name, you can select from an array of choices that will fit your taste and individuality at the product page. You can assign your preferred letters such as name (alphabet, kanji, hiragana, or katakana) or other keywords by contacting us in advance.

The perfect set of SEAL, case, storage box, and wrapping.

※CAUTION※Colors may looks different by conditions.

Seals are a lifetime possesion.
It is a treasure that is part of "your identity"
Make your order for the SEALhouette Series "S" here. 

How to order

5 High Lights
Series "S"


Three types of materials are available for this series.

1. Amber
Amber is the fossilized cluster of resin in trees and buried on the earth and sand for a long time. This material offers a crystallic and elegant look that exudes mysteriouss shades. Japanese people are attracted to this type of material and is viewed as a luxury stamp material.

2. Aguni
Aguni is made of wood compressed using mandrel and heat molding. Because it is a mixture of wood and resin, it has ten times the durability of normal wood material.

3. Maple
High durability of maple is achieved by encasing the maple wood in resin coating. The strong surface is neatly finished with a smooth edging. Maple is resistant to deformation such as distortion and cracking. Natural wood colors gives off  deep shades of warm and traditional patterns.

②Seal case

Japanese traditional craft

"The Inden" is a traditional handicraft made from deer leather finished with japanese lacquer. This technique has been handed down for more than 400 years in Koshu (Yamanashi Prefecture).  Using this unique and traditional teqhniques for almost half a millenium, this memorabilia handicraft is made with precision and perfection that has attracted people for over 400 years.


Paulownia Box

KIRI is a tall deciduous tree belonging to the Paulownia family. It is the lightest wood material in Japan. The bark is beautiful with fair color, and with very small deviation in patterns. In addition, it has a very limited permeability of thermal conductivity and humidity, and widely used as luxurious fine wood material mainly for wooden chests, boxes for valuables such as luxury swords, a hanging scroll, and even musical instruments such as harp, and pipa.


Huroshiki wrapping

Your SEALhouette will be delivered covered with this very beautiful Japanese Huroshiki wrapping. Huroshiki seems just a sheet of square cloth but Japanese people once used it in many ways such as bags, wrapping, covers and etc.


Traditional letter font

The defoult font for SEALhouette Series "S" represents "Tensho-tai", which is the most commonly used as the official form of Hanko. However, please feel free to ask for other font or other requests. 

↓↓↓How to order↓↓↓

How to get

Please follow the instructions in order to get ORDER CODE!

0. Please send us a message by reaching us through CONTACT or send an E-mail directly.

1. Please write on the feedback section the name (words and/or letters that will appear on your Hanko.)

2. Send your order by clicking Confirm.

3. You will receive a confirmational email to your submitted e-mail address within 1-2 days. Attach to such email are suggested Kanji or other letters for your selected Hanko.

4. Reply to the confimation email by providing your approved design, and changes if you have any.

5. You will receive a second email with a CODE and link to payment method and the date and delivery of product. (Note: shipping fees are NOT calculated automatically. Please choose proper fees when you check out.)

About Delivery

"Order from abroad & accept in Japan!"

Every SEALhouette hanko is engraved per acceptance of order. It may be difficult for tourists on short-term (3-7 days) visit to obtain this service so far. SEALhouette Series resolve this problem by "order from abroad & accept in Japan!" system.

Transact with us before you arrive here and we will make sure your Hanko awaits you at your destination hotel in Japan.

※Please make sure for your Hotels that a percel arrives ahead of your arrival.

Three Pillars of Our Quality Assurance and Unimpeachable Service

1. English avairable for all orders and contacts.

While it is our long-term goal to reach to all parts of globe to introduce the hanko, as of the moment, we can only accept and transact in English and Japanese.

2. Guarantee offer.

We offer guarantee for all the Seal  in case of natural damage.

3. Over the counter consultant.

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