Cooking class of Japanese Ordinary Cuisine


We like to invite you to have the experience of making Gyoza in our salon.

Gyoza is dumpling of Chinese origin, but one of the most popular food among Japanese nowadays. It consists of minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin flour dough. Our regular recipe is the pan-fried, but also includes Kasane-ni idea ( vegetable) part to make the process easier and tastier.  

After frying them, you put on a large plate and you may pick up one piece,  which you dip into a mixture of soy sauce and chili oil.  We also offer other several condiments according to your taste which we hope would be fun. We can also respond to vegetarian without minced meat.

We also propose that you participate in a short session of Origami, a Japanese traditional game whereby we fold color paper into various figures. We can do this before getting into the cooking.

Let’s enjoy talking about culture and cuisine together.

About Santé, la vie
Santé, la vie is French “Santé, c’est la vie”.

It means “Health is your life itself!”, emphasizing the fundamental importance of health. As we presume health should come from daily meals, thus we named our cooking course as Santé, la vie.

Santé, la vie is a cooking course which teaches a way to reduce the amount of housework time for working persons based on the concept of Kasane-ni, which is a way to boil vegetables in a pot to extract both flavor and nutrition. Since such ordinary Japanese cuisine aims to combine health with an easy process, we hope to pass on this valuable information.  

Our cooking classes of Japanese ordinary cuisine for foreigners, who are visiting or already living in Japan,  are prepared to be a unique and enjoyable experience for you not only to learn how to cook Japanese food in English, but also eat and talk with the instructor Ryo and other participants in a very cozy atmosphere at our salon located in Tokyo.  Please note that the recipes taught are simple so you can easily repeat them after back home.

The salon is located in a very convenient district called Hacchobori, which is approximately 15 minutes’ walk straight from JR Tokyo station. If you take Hibiya subway line, it’s only a 5 minutes’ walk from Hatchobori station (Exit A4), which is next to Tsukiji.

Contact or Reservatio
e-mail to
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Every Saturday, from 15:30 till 18:30
Exceptional case will be announced through the website.

Menu other than Gyoza
Either one within following main dishes according on request, if any.
Rice and Miso soup will be always served together.


-Pork ginger

-Pork pikata

-Meat ball


-Japanese style steak

-Scotch Egg Japanese style

-Mackerel boiled with Miso

-Teriyaki Chicken

-Miso Soup


-Curry and rice


*Vegetarian special is available on the request basis. 

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I am Ryo Imanishi. 
I have been very interested in eating and cooking since I was a little girl.
I often helped my mother when she was cooking.
My mother was very good at cooking; not only Japanese food, but also foreign dishes.
My admiration for foreign countries was very strong through my mother’s food.
When I was 15 years old, a woman opened a small Mexican restaurant near my house.
At the restaurant, I ate tacos and chili beans for the first time. I was so attracted to them and determined to cook them for myself.  It was about fifty years ago, so we could not get ingredients for tacos easily. I tried again and again, and finally was able to be the ingredients so I have never forgotten that feeling since I cooked tacos for the first time.

After having two daughters, I cooked every day for my family.
It was my pleasure to see them eating happily.
When you come in to my class, I want you to learn and taste the flavors of my family dishes. I especially love making things from fresh seasonal ingredients that are high quality and healthy.  Food is not only the way to one's stomach, but to the heart, and a lifetime of friendship. So, please join me on a journey to a new take on Japanese home cooking.