Super Salary Increase Method (SSIM)

Only for Foreigners in JAPAN

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Living in a foreign country is troublesome. We meet many many problems such as:

- Difficulties to find good jobs
- Hard to communicate smoothly (language barrier)
- Feel homesick
- Strugle to find your country food and drink
- Housing Discrimination
- Culture shock
On top of that, you are also overwhelmed by stress caused by your financial circumstances. Which of these are bothering you right now?

- Your children will be unwealthy in the future
- You can do nothing when your sweethearts are sick
- You cannot help your dears in your country when they are in trouble
- You will return your country with debt
- You cannot meet your parents in you country for many years
- You cannot protect your family in the periods such as Corona pandemic

Super Salary Increase Method (SSIM)

Side Money Japan (SMJ) has developed a new method to increase your salary dramatically. The founder of SMJ, called Hiro, is a foreigner, who has lived in Japan more than 20 years.

As a foreigner he suffered a lot for many years in Japan. He met a many problems such as language barrier, culture shock, foreigner dicsrimination and more.
He was shocked when joined to a Japanese company for the first time. His high level education did not help him to get higher salary.

Even he had PhD degree, it was not helpful at all. His first salary was too low than he expected. Therefore, he started his research to increase salary in Japanese companies.

His first attempt was to work a lot to earn much. He did extreme amount of overtime work. However, it was not a right solution. He had no time to spend with his family.

He was tired mentally and physically so much. Moreover, his income taxes increased because of overtime work salary.

After long time researches and experiments, he increased his salary by his developed method, Super Salary Increase Method (SSIM).

Merits of SSIM
(Increasing Your Salary)

- You can support your children's education and they will be wealthy enough
- You can protect your dears even when you are sick or loss your job
- You can leave Japan anytime to help your parents when they are in trouble
- You can pay your bills without any hesitation every month
- You can escape your dislike jobs and do your like jobs anytime
- You can live without problems during the periods like Corona pandemic
- You can travel around the world with your family whenever you want
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