Really looking forward to hosting you guys. If you are interested in Tokyo, JAPAN, Japanese and locals, Please message me anytime anything ;-)  I’d like to get to know you. We love hanging out with our guest. Probably? Nope definitely.
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About us


1  Take off your shoes when entering.
2  No smoking in the room and apartment area.(If you're in my Akihabaras room, You smoke it on 5 floor of roof)
If you're smoker, Plz let me know I'll tell you smorking area close to your room. 
3  No partying or any other type of loud behavior.
4  When nearby the listing, take care not to disturb the neighbors.
5  Turn EVERYTHING(air conditioner/heater /pocket wifi/rights) off and close the window when leaving the house and lock the door.
6  Do not use the towels or linens in the closet. They are for the next guests.
Use the washing machine to wash your towels.
7  Quiet hours are from 9PM to 7AM.
8  Do not visit, the neighboring apartments / houses.
9  If the interphone rings, simply ignore it. The person ringing is expecting
  to speak to the home owner.
10 Room cleaning starts at 11AM on check out day.
11 If you don't check out on time, it will cause the delay of cleaning. The extra
pay will be charged if you check out late. And extra pay will
be requested for the delay of check out and I appreciate your understanding.
12 Please aware if you do not inform us the late check-out and result in delay of
cleaning, the extra cleaning fee will be requested.
13 Suitcase, baby car and the trashed left in room without sorting, the extra handling
fee will be charged. Your understanding on this issue will be highly appreciated.
14 The apartment is just an apartment, not a hotel. Please understand there are no
concierge services, daily cleaning, room service, etc as there is in hotels.
15 Please clean your room by yourself, during your staying.
16 If the guest loses the key, he / she will be responsible for paying the KEY AND
THE LOCK replacement fee. Exact prices will be sent along with proof ( receipts /
estimate ) of the replacement cost. Expect the cost to be from 200 USD to 400 USD.
17 Do not have anything shipped to the listing.
18 Guests are not allowed to bring others home.
19 If you come back late at night please be mindful of the noise you make for neighborhood.
20  Lastly, I simply ask you ( the guest ) to have consideration towards the apartment
and the neighbors as if they were your own.

If you extend your reservation on the morning of your check-out you will have to pay the
cleaning cancellation fee. We may have to pay cancellations fee because our cleaners
may already be on their way to the apartment. If you want to extend your stay, please
advise us at least 48 hours before your check-out.





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