Rwill Kyushu Travel Interpretation Service

Are you thinking about taking a trip for Kyusyu and hiring Japanese interpreter or guide to enjoy it more?
Great!!  Leave it to me! I will happily become your personal secretary for the trip and can go anywhere with you as a guide from Golf tour to Night life such as Izakaya, bar, Yatai, or Hostess or host club.( Of course I will suggest to you some places that would be fun for you, if you like to)

The most Affordable interpretation service and Sociable, playful Man is waiting for you!  Let's make your trip wonderful together!

Area for the guiding service:  Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Saga, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima

Fee System For Guiding 

15,000 yen / 1 day

3000yen/ per hour
( For example, it may be better if you want me with you only in the night)

Included Service: Tour planning ( suggesting places to visit and seasonal events to experience), booking hotels, transpotations, and restaurants 

I live in Fukuoka.  If you take a trip in Fukuoka, mostly no need of extra travel cost. However, if you take a trip in other places, it may be added to the cost above.

Anyway, we can negociate the fee frexibly by texting or calling.


Riku Yagishita

                                                      Freelance Travel planner

I was born and rased in Yokohama and moved into Fukuoka for going to graduate school( so far I have lived in Fukuoka for more than 3 years).  I am a person who really likes night out but also I have researched Japanese culture, Leadership theory, and Politics at the school.  And personally I touched novels and movies not only made in Japan but also in other countries too. 

So, I can sugges to you where to go for drinking, dancing, and chilling-out.  And also, I can talk about many topics with you from religions to girls talks.