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ORIGAMI Workshop & SAKE Tasting


Have fun!

This time,fold a piece of paper into the figure of a container. The lesson a relaxing environment where you can enjoy a glass of sake. The instructor will provide easy to follow techniques. This is a nice experience of your travel and it will be a special souvenir for you!



Application : Please have 5 or more peoples

Event: Every Saturday and Sunday
Place: Omotesando or Ginza or Kichijyoji
Price: 4,500yen or 50us dollars or 40euros/Each
Participant fee covers all the materials included : Origami,Lesson fee,Sake,Snacks
Price: 4,500yen or 50us dollars or 40euros/Each



Why don't we have a great time in Tokyo!

So you can come to the event empty handed.

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