Resume tool

〜Presented by 3R〜

Project Overview

Corporate side 
・I want people who don't cheat

Job seeker
・They can't  get a fair price.
・Hard to get information about work.

My project
・Providing a matching service that visualizes 
   whether job seekers worked seriously.

・Companies lead to wasteful recruitment costs reduction.
・Job seeker get a continuous income.

・Whether a company evaluates its presonnel 


The atmosphere inside the company improves by having a lot of smiles.


I know how to face that person's job.

Prior job rating

By summarizing the comprehensive evaluation from the company, it becomes the standard that the next company can choose.

Digree of contribution

Enterprises will be more likely to choose by quantifying how much they contributed in the former position.

Gorl or The purpose

By notating goals and purpose, you can see if it matches the company's policy


By notating the personality, you can understand that person's contact with the workplace or not.


If we are successful matching candidates with companies,
we got a reward for success.