Healthy Intestine Can Bring a Happy Life

Long life is not enough. Happy life is human purpose. We bring ancients wisdom, cutting-edge research, and safety quality from Japan.

Are you bothering

about these troubles?

The cause of your worries is the intestines.

Why is the intestine important?

That is because the intestine has

various important functions.

The stability of the body and heart
All from the intestinal environment


A large variety of bacteria, which are said to be about 100 trillion, live in our intestines.
This intestinal bacterium has bacteria that do good and bad bacteria for our body.
Improving the balance of such intestinal bacteria is an important management for us to live in good health.

Therefore, the product made from human-derived intestinal bacteria and lactic acid bacteria derived from deep sea water is "RESET FLORA".

What is the special of "Reset Flora"

Lactic acid bacteria extracted from deep sea water

Lactic acid bacteria that have survived the harsh environment of low temperature and low nutrition is commercialized for the first time in Japan.
The strong vitality of the fungus body
cultivate "Ideal natural natural intestinal balance".

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A symbol of health, FK-23 selected from "Fecalis bacteria"

Among the lactic acid bacteria, "Fecalis bacteria" is said to have a deep relationship with health. Pharmaceutical Co.conducted extensive research and discovered "Enterococcus faecalis FK-23", which has a particularly excellent action among the faecalis bacteria.

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11 kinds of patented lactic acid bacteria

As a health food for lactic acid bacteria, we have obtained 11 patents, which is the largest in Japan.
We are still applying for two patents, and we have been continuing our research and producing results even after 30 years have passed.

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Overwhelming number,
No side effects

It is said that ingesting 1 trillion lactic acid bacteria a day will lead to health and prevention.
Resetflora is formulated with 500 billion lactic acid bacteria per capsule, and you can take 1 trillion capsules with 2 tablets per day.
It is the top quality in the world.

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In the intestine, it creates immunity to fight disease, makes blood and necessary nutrition, detoxifies and defecates.
Its activities is integral to our lives.

Why do you lose your balance?
There are many factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, chemicals, antibiotics, tobacco and alcohol.
Above all, it is said that food and antibiotics have a great influence.

It is the intestines where food and antibiotics are absorbed.
The fundamental solution to your worries lies in your intestines.
In our intestines, there are thousands of varieties of bacteria, about 100 trillion, which live together.

In particular, the intestinal bacteria where located the intestinal wall from the end of the small intestine to the large intestine is called "intestinal flora (flower field)" because the intestinal bacteria are densely distributed by type like a flower field.

How to maintain intestine condition?
We recommend to eat Japanese and fermented foods (yogurt, olives, wine, etc.).
In addtion,Human-derived intestinal bacteria and deep sea water-derived lactic acid bacteria "Reset Flora".
Not only it increases good bacteria and regulate intestinal bacteria, but it also boosts immunity.

【Voice from customer】


Eczema for many years improved!

I was able to say goodbye to Ms. Eczema, who I had been with for many years.
I did not change lifestile except Reset flora, but My skin was amazingly changed to beautiful.
It's amazing that this reset flora has patents for anti-allergic agents.

Mr.B(Early twenties)

I didn't expect it to be so good in just two months.
Itching also subsided immediately.
I will continue to make a full recovery.

Boy G(6 years old)

I love tablet that stops itching

As a healthcare professional, I also wanted to avoid steroids and antibiotics. Within a month, my son began to say "The one which will no longer itch, I wanna eat it." Inflammation became translucent at the end of two months, and was completely clean after three months. It was amazing!


The stain on the hand has become lighter

I was originally constipated, so I bought Reset Flora because my friend introduced me.After two weeks later when I start taking reset flora, it resolved my constipation every day. What made me more happy was that the stains on my hands, which I had been concerned about for many years, have faded. Even children say, "The stains are so lighter! Why?" I will continue to use it regularly.


The expert was surprised

I haven't changed my eating habits, but my hemoglobin level dropped in just one month, and the experts praised me, “You did your best!” But, I could not say that I just take reset flora" to my doctor. haha.

Great Feedback!
Repeat rate 80% or more

~Reset Flora~

〇Regular Pacl (for 1month)
60 Tablets 

US$100(Include Tax)

〇Value Pack (for 3month + 30Tablets)
210 Tablets 

US$290(Include Tax)

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Close UP : Result of Research

Prevent pneumonia

Pneumonia suppression effect

When the influenza virus infects alveolar epithelial cells, the cells die and the alveolar barrier function is disrupted. This causes inflammatory cells to invade the alveolar region, causing pneumonia. However, it has been found that feeding LFK suppresses lung inflammation. In addition, by examining the mechanism of the action, it was found that the number of type II alveolar epithelial cells capable of repairing damage to the alveolar epithelial cell barrier increased.

Brightening Skin

Sunburn measures, Stains, Rosacea, Acne

It has been found that the sunburn is reduced, the skin is prevented from drying out, and the spots that have been formed are also ighter, making the skin white and healthy. In addition, it has been shown to be effective in treating rosacea and various types of acne.

Immunostimulatory action

Improves the power of immune cells ・ Works against cancer

There are various results that FK-23 boost immunity. First, we have found that it increases the number of neutrophils and macrophages, which are the immune cells that first fight when pathogens enter our body, and enhances their function. It also increases the productivity of TNF, a substance that kills cancer. Its power is almost the same as OK-432 which is actually used for cancer treatment. It also increases the amount of IgA that protects the body from food poisoning. Moreover, it is known that the functions of these immunity are not increased unnecessarily and are adjusted according to the symptoms of the body.

Suppress infectious diseases

An infectious disease is a symptom that has an adverse effect on the body, such as a virus, bacteria, or mold invading the body to cause inflammation, sucking human nutrients to multiply, and producing poison.
We examined the condition of mice by infecting mice that had weakened their immunity and became susceptible to illness with three types of pathogens, Candida, which are mold, herpes virus, and MRSA, and then fed FK-23. Then, all the mice that did not eat FK-23 were infected with any bacteria and died in about a week due to the infection. However, feeding FK-23 bacteria had a life-prolonging effect.
FK-23 did not kill the pathogen, but rather recovered significantly reduced immunity, resulting in protection against lethal infections.

New material of lactic acid bacteria with anti-inflammatory effect derived from deep water in Toyama Bay

What is TN-3?
Pharmaceutical Co. conducted joint research with Toyama Prefectural University and is a type of lactic acid bacterium that was decomposed from deep sea water deeper than 400 m off Toyama Bay. We can efficiently take in the components of the fungus body, which have a strong vitality and can live in the severe environment of low temperature and low nutrient called deep sea water.

Function of TN-3?
1.Anti-inflammatory effect
Anti-inflammatory effects such as colitis can be expected.

2.Anti-allergic effect
Suppression of allergic reaction can be expected.

3.Strengthening of intestinal mucosa
Induction of butyric acid production strengthens intestinal epithelial cells.

4.Regulation of the function of intestine

FK-23:Selected from "Fecalis bacteria", a symbol of health

Regulation of the function of intestine

It has been said for a long time that people with a strong intestine live longer, but in recent years it has been clarified that the intestinal bacteria that live in the intestine have a major influence on human health. "FK-23" is known to maintain an optimal balance of intestinal bacteria, improves bowel movements, activates systemic metabolism, and enhances natural healing power.

Immunostimulatory action
There are many things that enhance the immune system,FK-23 is but by not only raising immunity but also raising it normally, diseases caused by a disorder of the immune system such as Allergic diseases, Infectious diseases, Cancer, Eczema, Rheumatism, and other can also improve and prevent.

Special processing
Generally, lactic acid bacteria are ingested in a living state, but FK-23 has a larger effect on health when it is ingested in the state of "heat sterilized body" treated by a unique processing method. In particular, the "immunostimulatory effect" has been found to be three times higher than usual.

LFK:Active ingredient extract of selected lactic acid bacteria FK-23

We extracted and standardized active ingredients such as nucleic acids of "Enterococcus faecalis FK-23"."LFK" that has high functionality for beauty and blood pressure reduction is the only lactic acid bacterium extract material in Japan .

Patent acquisition record

●Pigmentation inhibitor

●Rosacea remedy

●Anti-allergic pills

●Antihypertensive DNA

●Antihypertensive RNA

●Ⅱ type alveolar epithelial cell activator

Patent acquisition record

●Antitumor agent

●Hepatitis C therapeutic agent

●Infectious agent

●Toxicity reducer

●Leukopenia treatment

Overwhelming number, No side effects

Overwhelming Number
It is said that ingesting 1 trillion lactic acid bacteria a day will lead to health and prevention.
Resetflora is formulated with 500 billion lactic acid bacteria per capsule, and you can take 1 trillion capsules with 2 tablets per day.
It is the top quality in the world.

No side effect
●Even if you are taking supplements or medicines, taking Resetflora together has no side effects

* Please contact us if you experience any side effects. There is always a reason.

●From babies to seniors, everyone can take "Reset flora"

If you are not good at capsules (baby), take only the lactic acid bacteria powder out from the capsule and mix it with your meal or drink.

●How to take
Take 1 capsule per day from first 1 week to 10 days. If you do not get a particularly positive reaction, please continue to take 2 capsules per day.

* Please who had organ transplantation must not take this tablet. As it boosts immunity, it may attack transplanted organs and become a vital device.

90% or more effect on eczema symptoms

Many people all over the country who have atopic symptoms and who are from baby to males and females in their 50s feel improvement within a year.

* Depending on the treatment method you have received up to now, it has individual differences. However you can feel the change within a year.

Models, beauty experts, and doctors adopt

Reset Flora is also published in many major magazines and beauty magazines, as well as blogs of beauty experts and models. In addition, doctors and beauty specialists are surprised that reset flora have good evidence and that the number of lactic acid bacteria is overwhelmingly large, and some clinics are providing resetflora to patients instead of medicine.

Introduction of supervising doctor

Dr. Yutaka Itami
Director, Kobe Luminous Clinic

While studying at Kawasaki Medical University, studied abroad at Minnesota State University for general doctor training.
After graduating, he joined Osaka University Second Surgery (currently Gastroenterological Surgery). Engaged in gastroenterology, mammary gland thyroid membrane, respiratory, pediatric surgery, anesthesia, lifesaving emergency at the same university / citizen hospital.

I've been involved with this reset flora from the development stage. We have supervised to maximize the work of improving the intestinal environment, which is currently receiving the most attention in the medical community.
I recommend it with confidence.

Great Feedback!
Repeat rate 80% or more

~Reset Flora~

〇Regular Pacl (for 1month)
60 Tablets 

US$100(Include Tax)

〇Value Pack (for 3month + 30Tablets)
210 Tablets

US$290(Include Tax)

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