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Rental Hybrid Bikes from JR Shizuoka Station
For expats who want to enjoy cycling in Shizuoka

4,000JPY (09:00-18:00), JR Shizuoka Station
(Rental at our office, 3,500JPY)
10 minutes walk from the station
Rental transceivers : 500JPY

For people who want to enjoy cycling in Shizuoka

Hybrid bikes?

Road bike × Mountain bike
In Japan we call this cross bike.

・Easy to ride for beginners. flat handle, tires are not  as thin as road bikes.
・Cross bikes can run on any road.
・24 gears, (front 3, rear 8) comfortable riding

Our guests 

guests from Germany
Utsunoya Pass
guests from the Netherlands
guests from Italy
guests from France
guests from Australia
They are watching a bamboo forest along the Mariko River
guests from the U.S
Moriuchi tea farm
guest from Austraila
guest from the U.K
Mochimune Fishing Port
guests from the Netherlands
Our Service

Rental Hybrid Bikes

・Louis Garneau / Chasse(height: 150cm−175cm around)
 ・Merida / Crossway(150cm-175cm around)
・Merida Gran Speed 100(175cm-200cm around)
・FUJI / Raiz  (185cm-200cm around)
・Place:Our Office(2-1-10-3F, Oguro Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, 10 minutes walk from JR Shizuoka Station south exit. in front of a home center, Jumbo Encho.)or JR Shizuoka Station
・time:Max 9:00 AM 〜6:00 PM

・price:4,000 JPY(tax included)
 from our office: the price will be 3,500 JPY
・included:rental hybrid bike, rental helmet, insurance
・payment:credit cards (VISA or Master), bank transfer, cash on the day

Louis Garneau/Chasse

Louis Garneau / Made in Canada

Color: blue, light green, white, pink

gear change lever (3 gears for front gear)
gear change lever (8 gears for rear gear)
gear change lever (8 gears for rear gear)


Merida / Made in Taiwan.
Coler: white, black, blue
disc break (front tire)
good performance even in rain
disc brake (rear tire)
disc brake (rear tire)
Merida Gran Speed 100
Fuji Raiz (Made in the U.S)
Fuji Raiz (Made in the U.S)

Rental Transceivers 

You can enjoy chatting while cycling.

The best of Shizuoka Courses (Shizuoka station, Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, Ropeway, Nihondaira Plateau, Miho Pine Trees Grove, Shizuoka Station)

Distance:about 35km
Shizuoka Station 〜 head to south to the sea 〜 along the Suruga Bay 〜 foot of Kunozan Toshogu Shrine (leave bike) 〜 walk up 1,159 stone steps to the shrine 〜 Kunozan Toshogu Shrine 〜 Nihondaira ropewau(5 minutes)〜 Nihondaira 〜 ropeway (5minutes) 〜 Kunozan 〜 stone steps 〜 foot of KUozan(pick up bike)〜 Miho Pine tree Grove 〜 Shizuoka Station
If you have time we recommend : Shimizu Fish Market "Kashi no ichi" You can take a water bus from Ejiri Port (=the fish market) to Miho Port. You can enjoy the majestic view of Mt.Fuji.

Mount Fuji view & Countryside Course

Distance:about 36km 
Shizuoka Station 〜 Shizuoka Ohashi Bridge 〜 Mochimune Fishing Port, Mochimune Beach 〜Sekibe Bridge on the sea 〜 Osada Street 〜 along the Mariko River, Pacific cycling road 〜 Chojiya restaurant 〜 Utsunoya Pass, Meiji Tunnel 〜 along Rout 1 〜 Abekawa-Bashi Bridge 〜 Sekibeya, long established Abekawa-Mochi shop 〜 Hontori-Street 〜 Sumpu Castle Park、or Shizuoka Sengen Shrine・retro Sengen-dori shopping street 〜 downtown Shizuoka・Gofukucho-street・Nanaya Matcha gelato shop  〜 Shizuoka Station
If you have time, we recommend to have a meal at Chojiya (over 450 years old restaurant, serves Tororo-jiru)


  • Q
    About insurance

    We have an insurance. (both for Japanese customers and non Japanese customers.)

  • Q
    Can we start from another area in Shizuoka? (apart of Shizuoka Station or our office)
    Please ask us. We will try to transport bikes as best as we can (extra fee will be added)
  • Q
    How to pay?
    Online credit card payment (Visa or Master) in advance
    or credit card payment / cash (Japanese yen) / PayPay/ on the day
  • Q
    Do you have a guided tour? (not only rental bike)
    Yes, we are glad to provide guided bike tour.
    We can provide 2 kinds of tours below 

    1, Hybrid bike tour to a green tea farm
    (4 hours)
    the price 15,000 JPY/person
    As we need to make a reservation to the farmer, please contact us as soon as possible. 

    2, Mount Fuji view and countryside bike tour
    (4 hours)
    the price 12,000 JPY/person

Why don't you enjoy cycling with our hybrid bike?

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Guided bike tour
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10 minutes walk from the JR Shizuoka Station south exit, along Minami-Kansen street, in front of Jumbo Encho (a home center),
福家給食センター 3F
The building name : Fukuya building ( 3 floor building)