Amateur Models Fashion Show

since 1995

Japan Expo in Paris 2019
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Amateur Models Fashion Show

It is Wafuku, but not just wafuku…That must be European Style outfit…but not just European garments…

It is the brilliantly gorgeous, elegant and shiny「JAPANESE ・REAL ・BEAUTY」of the harmonization of 「WA」&「WEST」spun by “RENKO ASUKAI”-Japanese outstanding talented designer !!!

“Is there such a beautiful unseen world?!”

You will be satisfied about the meaning of it if you kindly drop by and watch our today’s stage.

Because the fashion designer “RENKO ASUKAI” knows real 「BEAUTY」.

The real meaning of 「BEAUTY」has no national borders. Real 「BEAUTY」exist in the world of individual souls.

We wonder「BEAUTY」、what we call, 「ART」is  the projection of individual heart and soul itself which feels beautiful things as “Brilliantly BEAUTIFUL”.

That’s why we could find it all around the world. We don’t need any word. Forget the words! 

The fashion designer “RENKO ASUKAI” is genius in finding and discovering each person’s real good and wonderful point of one’s heart and soul.

The designer “RENKO ASUKAI” makes the brilliance of her/his heart & soul ―the jewelry design.  It is so beautifully brilliantly shiny as not to be able to open our eyes.

RENKO ASUKAI’s way of designing was exactly same as when she had lived in Paris, America, England, and Singapore etc. She had been made each country’s beautiful points ― the gorgeous brilliance and shining gems transform into design of the garments overlapping herself of 「WA」with beauty of each countries mixing and harmonizing「WA」of “RENKO ASUKAI” & overseas beautiful brilliant gems.

Besides, to our surprise, she dares to place amateur persons as models instead of professional models.

The amateur persons are the people of normal life, the mentally disabled, nurse, psychotherapist and so on. There is not 1 person who flourishes as a gorgeous professional model.

Everyone is the first experience as model this time and will walk the runway of Paris at this fashion show aged from 39 to , surprisingly 74 “AMATEURS” of ordinary people!!!

Because “RENKO ASUKAI” is well known from got by nature that everyone has the individual shiny beauty like brilliant gems, originally, one by one…

This fashion show that individual amateur one is beautifully, brilliantly shining wearing RENKO ASUKAI’s garment which is gorgeous, elegant, cute & sexy mixed and harmonized「WA」 with 「WEST」will surely invite you to the unseen world you’ve not ever known and tempts you into the further rises of your soul !!!

We determined to participate in this Japan Expo 2019 by the recommendation of 「WABI SABI」of JAPAN PROMOTION in last August.

Fashion Designer

She was born as a daughter of Zen temple in Japan.

During enrollment at a Buddhism-based university in Tokyo, she was scouted as a model, and she graduated the university making a model a profession.

After graduation, she succeeded in debuting as a professional singer from “Teichiku-Record”, 
but on the other hand, she couldn’t give up the dream to become a professional fashion designer from childhood, she determined to go to London to study street fashion of London for 3 years. She emigrated from London to Paris to study street fashion of Spain, Italy, Norway etc in earnest. Her full―dress study of street fashion expanded to New York, L・A, Southeast Asia and China etc. And she returned to Japan.

At present, her activities are planning, configuration, and presentation of amateur model fashion shows with business partners, Instructor of model walking classes, 
Instructor of the elderly person care prevention spread enlightenment project that is currently recommended by Japanese Ministry of Health, and a singer to please as many people as possible.

Taking advantage of today’s stage at this Japan Expo, let us launch the brand 
designed by “RENKO ASUKAI” 「Tokyo Rose International」to all over the world. 

We would really appreciate it if you would kindly give us your warm supports to the new journey of “RENKO ASUKAI”.
The execution preparation secretariat:

Ginza Salon・du Kikumaru, Nishikikou-building 2F, 6-12-17, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Japan charge: 
Jyunichi Kozono
Phone: +81-90-6524-5069
Overseeas charge:
Atsuko Tsukamoto
Phone: +81-90-8438-5242




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