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2021/08/15 App upgraded as ver 2.0 released(Major updates!)
What an amazing reading!

An eye shape leads to an instinctive & natural way of reading!Your routine of reading may change somehow...
Extract text from embedded web browser, copy some text to paste, or open any preset file. Then you get comfortable reading to look through an eye movement.

Almost of tools, instruments, and furnitures have changed to fit to human's body for better performance. For example, grip has transformed to fit to palm, seat to hip, and shoes to feet... However, text is always assorted in rectangular shape.

This App is approaching to realize natural reading by making text flowing along eye shape similar to focus sight area.

2021/08/15 App upgraded as ver 2.0 released(Major updates!)

2020/03/13 App upgraded as ver 1.2.0 released
(Added help button & help scenes/ Font size variation gets from 3 steps to 4 steps/ Icon changed)

2020/01/08 Introduced in EDUCATIONAL APP STORE with 4 stars certification

2019/11/22 App upgraded as ver 1.1.1 released


* Just reading support of web contents etc.
* Reading support for farsightedness, weak sight, presbyopia and dyslexia.
* Training for speed reading.* Intensive reading for any important docs.
* Repeated reading for memorizing any key knowledge.
* Slow play and have a hands-free reading at lunch etc.

Sample Movies(Literatures etc.)

American Great Addresses
- John F. Kennedy,
   Inauguration Address
- MacArthur,
   Farewell Address to Congress
- Martin Luther King Jr.,
   I Have a Dream
- Abraham Lincoln,
   The Gettysburg Address

Christian Prayers
- Jesus Christ,
   The Sermon on the Mount
- Peace Prayer of Saint Francis
- Psalm 23
- Amazing Grace

Preamble of
United States Constitution

Literatures and poems
- A Dream Within A Dream
   by Edgar Allan Poe
- No Man Is An Island
   by John Donne
- Sonnet 18
   by William Shakespeare
- The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot

舊體詩 Classical Chinese poetry
- 春望 杜甫
- 垓下歌
- 逍遙遊第一 荘子
- 爲政二 孔子
- 桃夭
- 離騒 屈原
- 静夜思 李白
- 絶句 杜甫
- 早発白帝城 李白
- 竹里館 王維


- 『走れメロス』太宰治 (書き出し)
- 『大阿蘇』三好達治
- 『永訣の朝』宮沢賢治 (書き出し)
- 『雨ニモマケズ』宮沢賢治
- 『初恋』島崎藤村

- 『レモン哀歌』高村光太郎
- 『苛察』高村光太郎
- 『あどけない話』高村光太郎
- 『ぼろぼろな駝鳥』高村光太郎

- 平家物語(書き出し)
- 枕草子(書き出し)
- 徒然草(書き出し)
- 竹取物語(書き出し)



--- Old Version ---

From Project Gutenberg

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by Robert Frost

First Chapter of Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

Fifth Chapter of The Gospel According to Saint Matthew

The New Testament of the King James Bible

The Old Man and His Grandson

Tales by Brothers Grimm by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm

青空文庫より(Japanese Text)

雨ニモマケズ 宮沢 賢治



赤ずきんちゃん グリム兄弟

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