MIYAKO Oysters boiled with soy sauceand sugar

Supreme Boild Oysters seasoned with soy sauce and sugar
We are proud to have an opportunity to introduce MIYAKO oysters long harvested along thecoastline of MIYAKO. The boiled oysters seasoned with soy sauce and sugar have beenone of our local specialties and traditional cuisines. The large and plumpy MIYAKO oystershave attracted many customers all around Japan for many years and gained a reputation asa specialty in Iwate Prefecture. The harvest season ends in May, but you can enjoy the MIYAKO oysters a bit longer if you get this product for yourself.
The oysters cultivated in the MIYAKO bay are plumpy, large, and rich in taste. As mentionedearlier, the Tsugaru Ishikawa river and the Hei river run into MIYAKO bay and bringnourishment and minerals from the forest to the estuary of the bay. Clean seawater withabundant plankton flows into the bay as well and help the oysters grow more than 130g perpiece
MIYAKO Oysters boiled with soy sauce and sugar

It is perfect for your side dish or as a snack to go with beer.
Our loyal customers repeatedly commented that it was delicious and addictive.


1. Nice to go with beer and perfect to go with Japanese Sake.
2. The shelf-life of the product is 90 days. Please consume it all by then.
3. If you liked it, please buy it again!