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Conditionng Training 

"Private Conditionung Space "


"PRA"=Restorative Physical Adaptation 

  Our body is always compensating in posture and movement. 
Unconcoiusnessly,physical function such as muscle,ligament and tendon adapt to the physical imabnce;however, it wil be exagerating with aging and any excessive stress such as sports performacne. 
 we offer the oppotunity to identify the individual musculoskeletal assesment and the restoration with unique musculoskeletal techniques.

Restorative physical Adaptation

"RPA"=Restoring one's physical function and get optimal health!!

Our service does NOT provide traditional physical therapy or Trainng method.
 We provide the newest  scientific knowlege and therapy / training based on Muscle Activation Techniques for
restoring and improve your daily living and phsyical peefoemance. 

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APTA Certified Phsyical Therapsit Assistant

 Physical Therapy / Conditionng training based on "Muscle Activation"
 "Muscle Activation"=
we define muslce tightness as 
                                  compensatroy respose of muscle  

  Instead of massage or streching for muscle tightness, we 
serch the inhibited muscle (Muscle weakness ) to restore the    
muslce  imbalance for optimal joint function and facilitate  optmal daily living and physical performacne.

How to Use ?

Conditioning training 

This training session is designed for maximizing phsyical fucntion instead of powe type training. 
 Prior to get next level, knowing what you can do!!

Muscle Activation Therapy 

This is designed for assessing and restroing muscle imbalance to prevent and improve one's phsyical fucntion. This session is based on Manual Muscle Testing ( MMT) for applying musculoskeletal dysfunction. 

Medical Massage

 This massahe is based on "Swedish massage" with water base oil. It is designed for soft tisse recovery with improving blood circualtion. 
 This includes Deep Tissue massage. 


  • Would like to know own physical imbalance ( Muscle System )
  • Would like to know the msot suitable trainng method for individual
  • Would like to impove the sports performance by maximizing physical function
  • Would like to prevent or recover from injury 
  • would like to improve postural alignment 
  • Would like to improvr ADL 
  • Would like to recover from chronic fatigue 
  • Would like to know own physical imbalance ( Muscle System )


Monthly membership Fee ; ¥10800 

Session Fee ;1) Muscle Activation Therapy Session 
                           - 60min : ¥8640 (vsitor:¥11880) 
                           - 90min : ¥11880(Visitor:¥15660) 

                     2) Conditioning Trainng Session 
                            - 60min : ¥7560(Visitor:¥10800) 

                     3) Medical Massage Session (Member Only) 
                            - 90min : ¥12960 



"Masaya Sato"

◉APTA Certified Phsyical Therapsit Assistant 
◉Medical Massage Therapsit 
◉Muscle Activation Techniques Certified Therapsit 
◉FRC(Functional Release Conditionng) Certified Therapist 
◉President of Muslce Activation Concept (MAC) 


RPA / MAC "Akabanebashi" Office

Due to private space for members, we wil inform you about our location with the reservation.