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Who We Are and How We Started:
"Then" and "Now"

We would like to provide a space where people from Japan and the rest of the world can be connected!!!

はじめまして! Hello!
I am Akihiro Ota, the host of Ohanasi Kagawa.

How many opportunities have you had when you could practice Japanese or talk to native Japanese speakers?

The reason why I started Ohanasi Kagawa is because living in Japan,  I could not find an opportunity to practice and improve my English with native speakers. 

After I graduated high school, I was working as a salesman and had not studied English at all. When I was 22 years old, I decided to go back to school and study Psychology in America. 

When I went to the Philippines for a short-term exchange program, I found it fascinating to learn English and I started to feel like "I want to improve my English. I want to talk to people from overseas. I want more opportunities to speak English."
After coming back to Japan, I started to search for oppportunities to speak English everday. I visited tourist spots and public institutions that provides support to people from overseas in the area. 

However, I could not find a place where I could intereact with people from overseas and practice speaking English. Then, I got a text message from one of my acquaintances.
"Do you know any place where I could practice English?"

I did not know how to respond because that was just what I was searching for too. 

Then, I decided to create a space on my own where Japanese and people from overseas can interact with one another. This is how Ohanasi Kagawa started.

There are many people who are afraid of failure and feel intimidated to speak Japanese. 

Do you feel intimidated to talk to native Japanese speakers in Japanese? I used to feel hesitant to talk to native English speakers because I wasn't confident about my English. 

Nowadays, more and more people from overseas visit and move to Japan.

Through Ohanasi Kagawa, I could encounter a lot of people from overseas who live in Japan.

They often said that even though they would love to interact with Japanese people, they feel intimidated to talk to them in Japanese because they are not confident enough.
There is a girl named Ayline. She has participated our events ever since we started in Kagawa.

She came from Turkey to Japan for her study in an university in Japan. 
Now, she has a lot of Japanese friends through Ohanasi Kagawa. Beyond the countries and race, the bond has become solid. 

We believe that we can build and enrich the bonds between Japanese and people from overseas through Ohanasi Kagawa.

Build the Network between Japan and the World Online

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed the world, and countless people have been impacted. In the U.S., we still need to refrain from going out and gathering as a large group. 

Despite the situation, I have believed that there is still something I could do. Then, I started the U.S.-based Ohanasi Kagawa online. What I learned from it was that there are many people in the world who are learning Japanese and longing for opportunities to interact with Japanese people. 

I had always wondered why there wasn't a place where English learners and Japanese learners could be connected...

Now, online-based Ohanasi Kagawa has become a wonderful place where Japanese people and people from overseas can enrich the bond, help one another, and learn together.

Expand the Network throughout the World

Ohanasi Kagawa has become a better community/event with supports from wonderful staff members and a lot of amazing participants. 

We aim to make Ohanasi Kagawa a non-profit organization which provides positive impacts on the society by creating a safe, fun space for more and more people from Japan and the world to learn languages and interact with one another.

Therefore, we will continue to provide our services for free. However, we need your generous support for our expenses with using online platform, etc.

In order to maintain Ohanasi Kagawa as a precious place for all of you, we would like to ask for your donation to us.

We, Ohanasi Kagawa staff, will do our best to keep improving our events and organization. We appreciate your understanding and generosity. 
Target Amount per month
Remo (Host)       $125
Website fees       $30
Meetup (Japan)      $15
Meetup (US)       $24

Total           $194

We are accepting donations through Paypal.

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