Walleye Pollock Sausages

Please enjoy the unique texture and natural flavor of it.
This is the product we are proud of. We have gone the extra mile to get the product done.

We developed the product under the suggestion and directions of Dr. Ohsako from theTokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, who had earlier offered help for thepeople in the fishery industry in the TOHOKU area that had gotten devastated by the GreatEast Japan Earthquake back in 2011. Mr. Shimaka, president of the Marutomo Shimaka,repeated trial and error while sticking to the walleye pollock freshly harvested from the seaof MIYAKO, IWATE. We add a minimum amount of water in its production process, and thusthat doesn't get umami ingredients drained out and gives a unique texture and rich taste toit.

No Additives added! We haven't and we never will.

Our products are always safe and of consistently high quality that you can trust. We haven'tadded any additives and we NEVER will. That's our brand promise to our consumers.
We ONLY use fishes carefully selected and fresh from the sea of MIYAKO. The fishes willbe minced and put into the fish meat mixer, but a minimum amount of water is going to beinto it. The fish meat is going to be pat into an oval disk shape and put it into a fryer. Afterthey are all done, they are going to be put in a large fridge and get frozen right away. Thereason we added a minimum amount of water is we don't want any "umami" ingredients todrain out. That will make the product unique in texture and rich in taste.
It is common among fish sausage producers that they pour a large amount of water into theminced fish to rinse the blood out. However, that will also make "umami" ingredients to drainout and deteriorate the quality of the fish sausages. That is the exact reason why most fishsausage producers put many additives. That might help the fish sausages to taste OK butisn't safe for consumers at all. Since we always use fishes fresh from the sea, we don't haveto rinse them when minced.

Unlike other fish sausages, it isn't chewy and juicy. But, you can enjoy unique texture andrich taste instead. It is safe for your kids and other family members.

Product Information

Name of Product Walleye Pollock Sausages
Description of Product(storagetemperature, Expiration date,etc.)
  • less than 10 degreecelsius
  • 10 days
  • 110g /package
Carton BoxSize W×D×H 478×280×320㎜
No. of cans(per ctn) 128
Grossweight(perctn) Approx.14㎏
RetailPrice in Japan T.B.A.
Carton BoxSize W×D×H 478×280×320㎜
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