New Reality Inc.
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A whole New Earth, a whole New Reality


The planet Earth we live on is in the midst of the great transformation.

We are making the transition from era of substance supremacist to mind =consciousness and individual age all end up.

We Japanese, only people who had the experience of being atom-bombed, can learn through causing 3.11 experience (Tsunami and atomic-power accident in Fukushima on March 11th ,2011) and its influence of radiation contamination as following:

-Earth humanity is one family.

-We breathe the same air, and are connected to all.

-Fear and negative thoughts realized very roundabout. This world is created by all mind = consciousness.

Taking advantage of these lessons above, and by learning mind, we awake to our true selves, the whole world is awaking, this Earth is healed and becoming stable.

It is great pleasure to share whole new way of seeing the world, how to think and our points of view with people all over the world, to contribute huger happiness of Earth humanity as Japanese.

3.11 experience made us, the Japanese who is living now, to stand on the starting point of new age from here Japan from it, while making enormous sacrifices by Japan’s group consciousness.

We will go back to oneness beyond any countries, peoples and religions.




CEO Hiromasa Sakai Director Ryuju

Hiromasa Sakai

Representative director of New Reality Inc. Ex-religionist. After graduating a university, worked for Buddhist religious corporation for 16 years. Established New Reality Inc. in July, 2011.

In conjunction with this planet is in significant change toward the cosmos age,

carrying message “Remembering true self, and living with passion and excitement (joy)” to people for each personal transformation of consciousness.

Representative director of 101 Candlelight Inc. concurrently

Ryuju (Eriko Sakai)

Director of New Reality Inc. As a Co-creator with the cosmos, sharing new values, concepts, and points of view, and to live remembering mankind’s’ true self, resonating our natural luminary frequency, which makes us to be excited, each other. One of the member who co-create new planet Earth and share the infinity of bliss through above.

Director of 101 Candlelight Inc. concurrently

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