When you want to ask him/her out,

how do you express your messages?

You might think that...


(I'm getting nervous...) I'll look up pick-up lines in a dictionary and send it via Messenger!
(What a pity it is to tell important things through SNS, not seeing each other!) We are through for good this time!

I'm not used to expess my feelings face to face.
It's more comfortable for me to have a conversation on SNS.
UNderstand my feelings!


(Looking up words of love in a Weblio) Will you marry me?
(Look at me, not your smartphone! And the voice is too small to listen to...) I like you, but I'm not that into you.

I have had few chances to practice face to face communication...Cut me some slack!
Give me a break!

I really want you to know how I feel about you!

Not only in asking him/her out, but also in a presentation, a business talk,

You might want to express your messages with your heart. 

Non-verbal communivation such as gesture, facial expression and intonation
public speaking which is well organized and composed of nice contents
will help you express what you really want to tell.

Toastmasters club provides the best opportunity to improve these skills !

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2020 Toastmasters District 76
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