Nagasaka Trading

Sales : USD$106,567 Backers : 2,454 people

Stylish and high performance. An excellent bottle of FLSK that you can't let go of.

Yodobashi camera (Japanese famous retail store)
Sales USD$ 45,716 Backers : 2172 people

MicroDrone 4.0 An intelligent drone in the palm of your hand
Sales USD$ 485,202 Backers : 3055 people

20 languages supported! IU a palm-sized voice translation device, expands the world with IU
Sales USD$ 486,493 Backers : 3164 people

Wired and wireless can be switched! 2-Way Complete Wireless Earphone KPro01
Sales USD$ 465,600 Backers : 898 people

Colored by the world's scenery. Smart window display Atmoph Window 2
Sales USD$ 206,602 Backers : 896 people

Pocket movie theater PIQUO Ultra-compact mobile projector 240 inches full HD
Sales USD$ 227,047 Backers : 2,788 people

Anti-virus with the power of copper! Comfort masks made with antibacterial silk are now available!
Sales USD$ 177,120 Backers : 4,808 people

An innovative charging cable that connects and disconnects easily with a magnet! Eliminate the hassle