80% repeat rate!
It’s a product made in Japan.
We can provide you exclusivity for a new type of cleansing product that has a new feeling.

You can start selling at any moment!

We will give you a selling kit as a gift.

Three key points we can contribute to you

 Increase sales

This product has an 80% or more repeat rate in Japan.  That is because of its instant feeling and the positive feeling people get from the product having an effect.  The instant feeling can be noticed straight after using it (such as your skin becoming well moisturized, your skin not getting dry in the morning and your skin becoming soft and supple) and the actual feeling people get from solving skin issues (such as spots going, skin becoming lighter and no pimples coming after using it).  Creating a product with these two effects was focussed on when this product was developed.

Excellent sales productivity

All essential documents for trading are ready to import such as MSDS, ingredients list and certificate of origin, so there will be no problems importing the product. Further to that, all necessary leaflets and item displays for selling have been prepared, so regardless of the floor plan of the store, we can provide you an optimized interior display to start selling.

 Long term trading is possible

We can provide you exclusive distribution rights. We have a system setup where only one company can have exclusive rights to sell our product in their zone. So, there will not be no rival competition in your area, so you can control retail pricing.  Also, we can help you with marketing, so let’s be partners and work together.


 About Our Product

It absorbs deep inside the skin and works on the dermal cells, so this serum can help to treat skin issues such as wrinkles and sagging from the root.

Skin aging is not just the skin surface getting old, but the dermal cells deep inside the skin becoming brittle and causing the surface to age as well.  Derma cells basically form the base of skin, so skin cannot be nice unless the base derma cells are properly cared for, much in the same way that a house will fall if the base of the house is not strong.

Honey drop doesn’t just compensate with moisture and oils, rather, it balances moisture levels with its natural amino acids, repairs weakened cells with growth factor composition and revives skin to make it look younger.

It keeps the temperature on the surface of the skin right as though putting a lid on the skin, locking it in with effective ingredients that have been applied to allow it to absorb deeply. 

Skin that has no good barrier will become sensitive from external stimulation and easily get issues.  So, we focused on the intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum, the horny layer of the skin, which is the source of beautiful skin.  Our repair cream is formed by the lamella structure which is the same as the intercellular lipid.  It is a cream, but it spreads well, moisturizes and assimilates with the stratum corneum instantly.  It gives skin a rich moisture and adjusts the lamella structure right from the root.

It’s a cream that can be rubbed on the skin safely with no stimulation felt for those who have sensitive skin.

Cleansing balm as soon as it is applied on the skin, the balm becomes an oil.  

When the balm is rubbed in your hands, the beauty ingredient inside it shows up like a juice creating soft and supple moisturized skin while removing makeup.  It’s not sticky nor slimy and cleans dirt and makeup very well, so there’s no need to double cleanse.  Further to that, a feeling of warmth wraps the skin surface and relaxes the skin to make it softer instead of hard and stiff.  It has five functions such as removal of makeup, face wash, a massage effect, care for the horny layer and moisturizing to make beautiful skin.  The fragrance is a subtle orange.

We provide you a system where selling can be started immediately!

Test selling kits will be supplied.

Product sample

We can provide you 50 samples as promotional items for a month!

Information for consumers

We provide you a leaflet that tells them about the product features accurately and attractively in the language of the local people.

POP display at the store

We provide you a POP display and price cards for products to be effectively promoted.

Instruction Material

We have brief instructions on the product and a video.

 Flow for how to sell



Give you a test selling kit.

Reply to us if you would like it, we can provide you that either for free.  First things first, talk to your customers.



First Video Meeting

For the test selling, we will explain about ourselves and the product beforehand. In the meeting, we would like to learn about you and as well as that let you learn about us.



Second Video Meeting

We would like to get feedback from you. 
After having a test sell, we would like to know voices from local market.



Start selling!

Let’s make a new sales boom in your country together.



Give you a test selling kit.

Reply to us if you would like it, we can provide you that either for free.  First things first, talk to your customers.

Company Profile

Message from CEO

CEO Yumiko Nakagiri

We have been developing products that improve women’s skin issues since we were founded in 2008.  Based on the trust and performance record we have built, we offer OEM/ODM for cosmetic products with a desire to have a lot of women use our safe product confidently and feel satisfied.  Our cosmetic products are natural cosmetics that focus on the ingredients.  All products are made from natural ingredients and we focussed on how to let them absorb well deep inside the skin so that the skin moisturises and creates resilience.  Please feel free to talk to us for more information about our products.  We can offer a total solution from planning through to selling.

Corporate Profile 

●Company:Lunerl Ltd.,
Hongo Harukicho Building 6F Bunkyo ku Hongo 3-37-8 Tokyo
●CEO:Yumiko Nakagiri